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10 Ways To Pull Off an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Everyone is hopping on the environment-friendly bandwagon these days. For this reason, many couples choose to have a “green wedding,” where everything in the event is eco-friendly. Here are some ways to pull off an eco-friendly wedding.

Tips to an eco-friendly wedding


Let everyone know you are having a green wedding by sending out invitations printed on recycled paper. I’m not talking about printing your invitations on the back of used paper – you still want your invitations to look nice and elegant. There are a lot of beautiful paper materials made of recycled paper. Choose an invitation that uses these kinds of materials to make it eco-friendly.

The Dress

Every woman dreams of having the perfect wedding dress. But it is more nostalgic and memorable to reuse a wedding dress worn by the bride’s mother or a close relative. All it needs is a little alteration and some additional touches to make it look elegant.

The Rings

When choosing your rings, seek out green-friendly jewelers who use recycled gold for their products. Ask about the origins of the gems on the rings too. You wouldn’t want a blood diamond on your wedding ring, would you?

The Venue

If it is not the rainy season, an outdoor venue like a garden is the best place to have your eco-friendly wedding. You will not need air conditioning or much electricity for lighting either. The green surroundings also allows your guests to get into the environmental atmosphere.  If you worry about rain, choose a venue that supports a certain environmental charity. This way the money you spend will also go to a good cause.

The Flowers

Your choice of flowers is also crucial in the success of your eco-friendly wedding. Choose a local organic florist to do the centerpieces for your wedding. This way less gasoline is needed to transport your flowers. Also, most local farmers do not use chemicals for organic flowers, so they are environmentally friendly.

The Suppliers

Just like the flowers, it is more eco-friendly to get local suppliers for the rest of your needs for the wedding. Choose local caterers, musicians, planners and all the other services you will need. This way  less gasoline is used to get to your wedding. And of course less smoke emission, as they bring the essentials to the wedding.

The Menu

One way to make your menu eco-friendly is to serve dishes cooked only with organic ingredients. This way you get to support farmers who use organic methods of planting. You also get to serve your guests a healthier menu and inspire them to eat organic foods as well.

The Favors

There are a lot of favor ideas using recycled materials. You can go for a mini scrap art giveaway, painted bottles and so much more. This way you get to support the artists who make recycled art. You can also choose to skip giving the favors and instead let your guests know that you used your funds for that to donate to an environmental charity.

The Pictures

It is also more eco-friendly to use digital photography rather than the traditional film photography. Digital photography allows you to see all your pictures without printing. You can choose and print only the photos that you like best. Unlike film photography, digital pictures are not developed with so many chemicals making them safer for the environment.

The Honeymoon

Make your honeymoon memorable and “green” by going to places that support eco-tourism. Go to natural areas that help conserve the environment. You can also choose to travel using eco-friendly transportation. You get the romantic feel of nature and you also get to help fund eco-friendly institutions.

An eco-friendly wedding may just be a fad that couples choose to follow. But the idea of having a green wedding expresses care and concern for the world that surrounds their love for each other. It is a great idea to use a gathering of people to not just witness the union of two people in love, but to also make them aware that we should also love the world that we live in. Most of all, to let them be aware that there are always a greener options.

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