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April 30, 2013 8:00 am

Pin It To Win It – Makeup Giveaway!

UPDATE 5/7/13: Winner Announcement

We want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. We were so thrilled by the enthusiastic response to this contest. Congratulations to our winner Laura McFayden!


Calling all makeup artists! QC Makeup Academy is launching its first ever ‘Pin it to Win it’ contest today! One lucky winner will receive an 88-shade eye shadow palette and a 32-shade lip palette. It’s so easy to enter, just follow the directions below!

Pin It To Win It!

Take a look at the four looks below. Pick your favorite and pin it for the chance to win two professional grade makeup palettes! Want to double your chances of winning? Pin one of the images below and the instructions image above, and you’ll be entered twice.

This contest runs from April 30th to May 7th, so get pinning! Don’t have a Pinterest account? Sign up for one here.


Pin it to win it!


Pin it to Win it!


Pin It To Win It!


Pin It To Win It!

We’ll be selecting the winner at random on May 7th, 2013. The lucky individual will receive an email notification, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Happy pinning!

April 29, 2013 2:33 pm

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lip Liner

Lip liner has had its fair share of hits and misses over the last couple decades. Just like fashion, makeup has trends that come in and out of style. A dark bold liner with a pale lipstick is definitely a trend we have seen come and go… personally, I’m very glad to see it go! Today I’m going to talk about my current uses for lip liner and ways to wear it that are modern and current.

The Do's and Don'ts of Lip Liner

First up…

Choose a lip liner in the same color as your lipstick and apply it all over the lip. This will help in multiple ways. One, it will prevent the lipstick from bleeding onto the skin around the lips. Two, it will help create a super long-lasting color. This is especially helpful with bright, bold colors. Here is an example of matching lip liners to lipsticks (they don’t have to be dead on and they don’t have t o be the same brand or shade!).

Lipstick: Image

Lip Liner: Image


Lip liner is a great way to neutralize the lip. It creates a colorless base that you can then add color to. You might want to do this if you or your client have naturally red lips and you would like to create a pale, nude lip. Sometimes when you apply a nude lipstick onto an already naturally red lip you get an odd, muddy color. To avoid this, take a lip liner that is a shade or two lighter than the lips and fill in the lips with it, then go ahead and apply the light nude lipstick over top.

Lipstick: Image

Lip Liner: Image

The finished result, the perfect nude pout…

The Perfect Nude Lip


Use liner to subtly enhance the lips to make them appear slightly larger. To keep this look modern and chic you want to avoid over-lining. Use a lip liner that matches your lip color and line on top of or just outside of the natural lip line. This will make the lips appear larger, but not unnaturally so. Either fill in the lip with the liner or pop on a lipstick of your choice

Lip liner is a small detail in your look that can really add that polished, professionally applied looking finish. Lips will be that much more precise and defined, whether it be a nude lip or a bold lip. Hope that helped you guys out!

brittany hall
Written by Brittany Hall
Makeup by Brittany
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Brittany Hall has established herself as a freelance makeup artist, with over five years experience in the industry. She’s also an established blogger – on “Makeup by Brittany”, she blogs about fashion, beauty, home decor, and makeup. She brings her flair to the QC blog with regular posts about her experience in the beauty biz.


So you’re interested in becoming a professional organizer. That’s great! It’s going to be a lot of hard work and dedication to get started, but the rewards will be well worth it. Now comes the really important question – what is a professional organizer salary? The answer depends on more than one factor:

How much experience do you have?

Obviously, the more experience you have under your belt, the more you’re able to charge for your services. When you’re just starting out, you can expect to earn on average anywhere from $25,232 to $39,832 per year. After about a year’s experience, your income can increase to a range between $30,701 and $61,000 annually. Once you have at least 10 years experience, your income could increase to $80,000. These figures, of course, depend on some other factors…

Have you been trained in the field?

While it’s not necessary to become certified to work as a professional organizer, investing in professional training can certainly boost your income. If you’re interested in gaining hands-on professional organizing skills, consider QC Design School.

What is the demand for professional organizers in your area?

Do some research within your city – how many other businesses are offering similar services as you in your area? More importantly, what are they charging? Knowing this will help you set competitive prices for your services. Chances are clients in a larger city will be willing to pay you more for your services, but your competition will be far greater.

Do you specialize in an area?

Are you able to offer your clients something your competitors don’t? Perhaps you have a basic knowledge of feng shui, and can offer a quick feng shui consult with your organizing services. Anything that sets you apart from your competitors can definitely help with your income.

For more information on professional organizing, visit QC Design School’s website here!


Salary figures are in US dollars, and were found at
Image via Pinterest

April 28, 2013 3:19 pm

Discover the Feng Shui Bagua Map!

In feng shui bagua maps use your space to map out your life, and help to identify the life areas where you may need to make some positive changes. A bagua map is an eight-sided energy map, and typically looks like the diagram below.

Bagua Map

When applying the map to your living or working space, you would be using a map similar to the one below.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

A bagua map can be placed over top of a floor plan. Once you have your bagua map in place over your floorplan, determine which areas of your life currently need the most focus. Think about your goals, and identify one or two areas you’d most like to improve. Don’t try and do everything at one time, as you’ll most likely end up with too much clutter in your space.

When you’re putting feng shui principles into use just remember that feng shui works from an even combination of intention and positive action. Once you’ve figured out exactly what it is you’d like to improve or change, use feng shui techniques to balance out the energy in your space.

If you want to learn more give QC Design School a call! Our Student Support Specialists can tell you all about the Feng Shui course we offer, and help you take the next step on your journey to becoming an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional.


Are you looking for ways to improve the productivity of your event planning business? You should consider investing in an iPad. Especially for small businesses with a staff of one or two, this handy little tool will prove to be so helpful when you’re trying to get everything done by yourself. Download the apps that you think will be most helpful to you to get the most out of this gadget.

Get organized

An iPad will allow you to boost your productivity immensely. Because the screen is larger than a phone, it’s so much easier to take notes when you’re on-the-go (and read those notes later!). When you’re away from the office, say meeting with clients or vendors, all those papers in your briefcase can easily become disorganized. Contracts, schedules, contact information and invoices – why not put them all in one easy-to-access place? Just make sure to back everything up on an external hard drive or an online cloud when you get back to the office so you don’t lose anything!

The apps

Oh, the apps. This is the best reason to invest in an iPad – the apps are easier to use than on a phone, will allow you to keep in contact with people throughout the day, and can help you get the most out of a busy schedule. As an event planner, you’re juggling about 100 things at once – venue, vendors, schedules, and appointments. After a certain point, sticky notes just won’t cut it anymore. Our top pick for event planner apps is Super Planner. This app offers a bunch of planning tools, like a calculator that helps you quickly determine venue capacity, amount of food and drink required, number of staff required, and more. You’ll appreciate giving your brain a break on a busy day.

What’s your favorite event planning app? Let us know in a comment below!

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April 26, 2013 11:00 am

10 Great First Dance Songs for Weddings

Choosing a first dance song can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you don’t have “a song”. I know I certainly didn’t! There are so many to choose from, and you want to pick something that a) you don’t feel has been overplayed b) fits you and your partner-to-be and c) isn’t too long – anything longer than 5 minutes can get a little tiresome for both the dancers and the spectators. We went on the hunt for some great first dance songs for weddings and…

We’ve compiled a list of ten first dance songs we think are beautiful, work for almost anyone, and aren’t so long that you’re left dizzy from all the circles you’ve been dancing.

  1. A Sunday Kind of Love – Etta Jamesbest first dance songs for weddings
  2. Birds of a Feather – The Civil Wars
  3. Halo – The Cure
  4. I’m so Glad – Royal Wood
  5. My Love For You Is Real – Ryan Adams
  6. Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
  7. Your Rocky Spine – Great Lake Swimmers
  8. If I Were A Carpenter – Johnny Cash & June Carter
  9. Got To Get You Into My Life – The Beatles
  10. All I Want Is You – U2


We think the above songs are a good starting point for any couple or wedding planner looking for a little inspiration. We’d love to hear what you have to say about our list, and know of any recommendations you have for adding to it. Leave us a comment and be sure to share this post using the buttons below. Until next time!


Chinese for “wind” and “water,” Feng Shui applies concepts from nature to our man made world. Carefully using the ancient principles of feng shui can bring harmony and balance to any home or office space. If it’s not something you’re already familiar with it can be hard to grasp exactly how and why this done. It’s always helpful (and fun!) to read feng shui articles, so we’ve put together a list of our 3 favorite Feng Shui blogs for you to peruse!

Feng Shui Articles

This blog is written by Laurie Bornstein, a life coach and feng shui enthusiast. She has been studying the art of feng shui for over 17 years and has accomplished a great deal in that time. Among other things she is an Advanced Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui and is the CEO of the International Feng Shui Guild. Impressed? Us too. Don’t forget to check Laurie out on Pinterest and Twitter as well!

Feng Shui Articles

The mastermind behind The Tao of Dana is Dana Claudat, and she’s created a colorful blog dedicated to bringing balance, beauty, happiness, and prosperity to the world. Her posts are nothing less than inspiring, and we could easily spend hours taking in all that her site has to offer. If you like her site, you’ll love her YouTube channel. Check it out!

Feng Shui ArticlesInfuse your Spirit is written by Jamie Barrett, author of the best-selling book Feng Shui Your Life. Jamie has an incredible roster of accomplishments behind her, like appearing in home-design segments for “The Today Show” and applying the principles of feng shui design to the homes of her distinguished Hollywood clients. She’s excellent at what she does, so get ready to be inspired to feng shui your life!

We love discovering new design blogs. If you’ve come across any with informative and inspiring feng shui articles and share them with us in a comment below!

With Coachella behind us and a handful of music festivals on the horizon, our office is buzzing with music festival style suggestions and inspiration photos. I figured, why not share some with you?

Summer music festival season is one of our favorite times of years because of the creative and diverse fashions we get to see (fall is our absolute favorite!). From Western-inspired pieces to bohemian-hippie chic, music festivals have it all. Read on to see a few of our favorite looks and explanations as to why we love them, and how you can recreate the look whether you’re at a festival or not.


See the image on Pinterest

We love this look because of its simplicity. If the shade proves too chilly, she could easily toss on a jean jacket or light sweater and remain casually cool. To recreate this look, we recommend picking up some Ray-Ban glasses (or some look-a-likes from Forever 21), a sheer cotton tank, printed bandeau, khaki shorts, and your favorite gladiator sandals. Oh, and don’t forget to layer on the friendship bracelets!

See the image on Pinterest

This is a second look we love. A knotted headband helps to keep hair out of your face when it’s windy, plus it has you looking festival-ready in no time at all. Her loose fitting top allows plenty of movement while keeping in some warmth – perfect for dancing the afternoon and evening away. We imagine she’s wearing denim shorts and has paired them with slip on sandals. We’d advise to opt for a sandal with a strap so you don’t lose them when jumping around!

See the image on Pinterest

This is an easy, go-to festival style for a lot of music lovers. Pair comfortable moccasin shoes with destroyed denim shorts and a cropped sweater of your choosing. Finish the look off with a classic topknot and black sunglasses. This look is the ultimate in festival comfort!

See the image on Pinterest

This festival look is for the fashion forward music lover. Pair lace-up gladiator shoes with a girly frock, fringed bag, and statement necklace. Keep hair away from your face by tying it back in a ponytail or bun, and finish everything off with a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses. Who says outdoor concerts can’t be a fashion show, too?

What do you think, readers? Do you love our festival picks? Do you have a picture you think we should add? Let us know in a comment!


interior decorating jobs

The life and career of an interior decorator, or any design-enthusiast for that matter, is always changing. No two days are quite alike, and that’s part of the fun of it all. Whether you’re tackling a paint job, redesigning furniture placement in your living room, or undergoing a complete home overhaul – there are many different interior decorating jobs you may tackle. Read on to learn more.

Color Consulting

Color selection and pairing is one of the most difficult tasks for a home owner. It can be overwhelming to consider all the options, and downright impossible at times to narrow it down. That’s where an Interior Decorator would come in. You may even find people hire you to simply help them choose colors and nothing else – and this is totally normal. A large part of your job as a decorator will be working with color theory and creating spaces for clients that reflect their own personalities, wants, and needs.

Complete Overhauls

Certain clients may hire you to take on an entire room or house overhaul, meaning you’d be in charge of everything from color selection and dealing with contractors to selecting fabrics, textiles, and arranging furniture. These sort of projects are very time consuming, but typically pay quite a bit of money. This sort of interior decorating job requires a lot of careful planning and budgeting, so be sure you’re ready to take on this large a task before you say “yes”!

Furniture Placement

Furniture placement, either initial or re-arranging, is actually a very fun part of working as an Interior Decorator. You get to play around with the placement, positioning, and angle of furniture pieces to create different effects and feels within the same space. Sometimes, an Interior Decorator will be hired to work with a client’s existing furnishings in order to achieve a little change or give the illusion of “something new”. This is often the case with a client who has a fairly tight decorating budget and isn’t willing to purchase all new furniture, or just wants a little freshening up for their space and not something entirely new.


You know how rooms always look gorgeously accessorized on TV shows? Well, a lot of thought goes into the selection and exact placement of any accessory. This can be difficult to do if someone lacks a trained eye, but a great way to make some extra money as an Interior Decorator. You could offer clients the chance to have you come in and put the finishing touches on one room or many, and leave them feeling like they have an entirely new space – even though you only made a few tweaks and added some stand-out accessories like throw pillows, vases, picture frames, or other decorating pieces.

Of course, there are plenty of other interior decorating jobs available to you as a working interior decorator. You’ll encounter them gradually and naturally within your career, but these are a few you’ll probably encounter frequently. What do you think? Which would you be most interested in doing? Let us know in a comment below! If you’re interested in learning more about Interior Decorating, check out our course from QC Design School.


Pink hair has been tweeted, pinned, and blogged too many times to count. It’s incredibly “in fashion” and “of the moment” and has even been the choice of celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, and others. This is all to say this somewhat extreme trend is not going anywhere too quickly. If anything, pastel hair color – such as pink – is becoming more mainstream fashion and more widely accepted as the seasons go by.

After seeing it so much and on so many people, I’m starting to wonder – is pink hair becoming the latest must-have accessory?

 Image via Pinterest

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sure, it would be fun for a night our or for a music festival, but I don’t think it would be all that easy to pull off on a day-to-day basis. In photographs and in the right setting it could look absolutely gorgeous, but I just can’t picture it going over well at work or when visiting with grandparents! Yes, I know different people have different social and work environments and might be able to get away with bubblegum colored hair – but I’m guessing the vast majority can’t.

If I were to advise any of my friends on the trend, I’d recommend going with a non-permanent option – like a Kevin Murphy colorbug or clip in extensions. That way, you can put them in when you please and take them out just as easily. Like I said, some pink streaks or a bubblebum ombre would look fabulous at a concert, day at the beach, or night on the town – but there are likely some scenarios in which you’d feel better off with less extreme locks.


Image via Pinterest

What causes me the most hesitation is how difficult it would be to maintain the color. There’s a major difference between freshly colored pink hair and the faded results you’d be left with after 6 weeks of washing. Plus, you’d have to lift your roots to be light enough to take the pink if your hair is naturally dark. It sounds like a lot of work to me!

And, what happens when you no longer want pink hair? If it doesn’t wash out on its own, you’d need to re-bleach to return to blonde or dye over it with a darker color – something you might not want to do. On the other hand, you might find pink hair to be your “thing” and want to keep it forever. I suppose it depends on the person at the end of the day, but if you’re thinking about trying it out – you’re probably best to test it with something removable before playing with anything that reads “permanent” on the box.


Image via Pinterest

What do you think? Is the work worth it? Would you ever rock pink locks? Let me know in a comment. I’m really interested to know your opinion!