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3 Unexpected Jewelry Storage Solutions

Like most people I love travelling. And one of my favorite things to do (and this may strike you as strange) is pack for my trip!

Whether I’m packing for a weekend away or a trip halfway around the world, I always take the same amount of care when packing my things. I have a lot of fun putting together ensembles and squeezing them all into my suitcase(s) a la Tetris, and I especially like accessorizing for my time away. Which brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves: tangled jewelry. What’s the point in bringing along the perfect accents to my carefully planned outfits if they’re just going to get tangled up into a frustrating mess by the time I arrive at my destination? So, today I’m sharing my three favorite jewelry storage solutions, all using things you probably already have lying around.

1. The Pill Box

I love pill boxes, but not for the obvious reasons. Instead of storing my daily multivitamins I use them to store my precious earrings. I opt for the transparent ones so I can easily identify what’s inside. And to ensure everything stays contained during the hustle and bustle of my trip, I’ll throw each pill box inside a sock before rolling them up.


2. The Glasses Case

Chances are you have one or two of these lying around. I know I do. And they’re great for storing larger statement necklaces. I usually only bring along 2 or 3 statement pieces like this when I go away, and all I do is stash them in a hard glasses case. These are typically lined with a softer material, so I know my jewelry won’t get damaged.

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3. The Hair Clip

Over the years I’ve tried many bangle storage solutions, but this one is by far my favorite. I always bring along a large, curved hair clip to hold my bracelets because it’s a great way to keep them all together and my suitcase organized.

jewelry storage

How do you keep your jewelry organized when travelling? Share your tips below!