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4 Beauty Blogs We Love Right Now

4 Beauty Blogs We Love Right Now

Just as we love style blogs, we couldn’t live without our favorite beauty blogs either. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to 4 beauty blogs we love right now. We’re sure you’ll find the bloggers helpful, informative, and incredibly fun. Enjoy!

1. Makeup by Cheryl H

Makeup by Cheryl H is the creation of Canadian makeup and beauty blogger, Cheryl. She shares her latest makeup loves, trials and errors, and inserts an OOTD post once in a while too. We love her glamorous approach to makeup and can’t get enough of her gorgeous lashes. We think you’d enjoy her blog because she mixes in both high-end and drugstore products, and regularly posts tutorials and how-tos on her YouTube channel.

2. Gh0stparties

Gh0stparties is a UK beauty blog (there’s an occasional OOTD post) written by Kate. We love Kate’s honest and simple approach to beauty, makeup, and fragrance. Her reviews are always helpful, she’s not afraid to let the readers know when she doesn’t like a product (something we greatly admire in a blogger!) and you can always expect beautifully taken photographs from her, too. We think you’d like Gh0stparties because of its beautiful layout, easy-to-digest reviews, and wonderful images.

3. What I Heart Today

Lily Pebbles is the beautiful British woman behind What I Heart Today. We love this particular blog because of its originality and approachable feel. Lily regularly posts about makeup, beauty, tutorials, and storage. We think you’d love What I Heart Today because of the diverse subjects and issues it tackles – from packing for a vacation to getting the perfectly highlighted cheekbone.

4. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic is written by Christine, a US-based beauty blogger. This talented woman has taught us how to fake a blowout with a curling iron, get a perfectly lined lip, and how to properly work with an eyeshadow crayon. We think you’d love her blog because of its reviews of products at attainable price points and Christine’s dedication to her readers. Oh, and the photos are beautiful too! We love how she often goes the extra step and adds graphics and text to her pictures.