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5 Fun Word Games for iPhone

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to improve your vocabulary. Yes, you could flipMan and woman play word games on iPad and iPhone. through a “word of the day” calendar or study the dictionary every night before you go to bed, but we think games are so much more fun – and effective. Your brain absorbs much more information than you likely give it credit for, so have some fun while you’re learning and  kill two birds with one stone. The following 5 fun word games for iPhone are Winghill’s office picks. Read on to learn why we like each and try them out yourself by using the App Store on your iPhone!

1. Scrabble – $0.99

Scrabble is a classic favorite when it comes to word games, and the electronic version is pretty good too. We like Scrabble because it’s easy to play, the app is easy to use, and it allows you to connect with friends and ask them to start a game with you. Search “Scrabble” in the App Store on iPhone to download the game for yourself. There are a few free versions, but we like the 99 cent version the best.

2. Hexalex – $1.99

If you like Scrabble, you’re going to love Hexalex. It’s the world’s first hexagonal crossword game! We could sit and play for hours on end (or until our phones died, at least). We like this game because it’s challenging, fun, and lets you apply in three directions instead of just two – like traditional crossword puzzles. Search “Hexalex” in the App Store and grab the version for $1.99. It’s worth it!

3. Word Solitaire Light – $0.00

Word Solitaire Light is one of two free picks on our list and is a great starting point if you’ve never played a word game on iPhone before. The game works much like classic Solitaire, except for you build words. In the game, you want to reveal all the cards and build the longest words you can. Search “Word Solitaire Light” in the App Store and grab this one for free.

4. Bananagrams – $0.99

Bananagrams is so much fun, you might have to call in sick to work just to spend the whole day playing it. Much like a classic anagram game, Bananagrams will cause you some frustration but will have you feeling incredibly accomplished once you’ve won! Search “Bananagrams” in the App Store and grab the 99 cent version. It offers different modules so you can pick the game that’s right for you and play anywhere, anytime.

5. Moxie – $0.00

Another freebie, Moxie is sure to get you loving the world of online word games. To play the game, you need to know the Moxie rules – but a quick demo will have you turning into an expert in no time. The whole point is to make meaningful words within the boxes you’re given. Search “Moxie – Free Edition” in the App Store for this gem!

Do you have a favorite word game for iPhone or Android? Let us know in a comment!

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