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Amazing Bookstores from Around The World

AMazing Bookstores from Around the World

Whenever I visit a new city, I always make sure to check out their local bookstore. It’s such a great way to explore my favorite pastime – books – and take in some of the unique culture of the place. That’s why I went on a hunt today for some of the most amazing bookstore around the world. If you find yourself in any of these places, be sure to check them out!

1. Shakespeare & Company, Paris

This might just be the most famous bookstore in the world. If you’re looking to stand in the same spot as some of the greats, this is the shop for you. There was a time when it was in vogue for authors to live in Paris, and at that time, everyone from Hemingway to Fitzgerald hung out here (just watch the film Midnight in Paris to see this scene come to life!). It’s still a popular spot today, and its overflowing shelves spill onto the street with second-hand books.

2. Ler Devagar, Lisbon

For some reason, bookshelves that reach the ceiling always take our breath away. The name of this Portuguese shop means read slowly – they understand my reading philosophy exactly! Not to mention that it’s just cool to have a flying bicycle hanging from the ceiling and (so we’re told) an old printing press being used as a cocktail bar.

3. Le Bal des Ardents, Lyon

This bookstore had me at hello (or should I say, bonjour). The entrance is literally made out of an archway of books. With an entrance that good, you just know it’s got some treasures inside. Inside, the owners are committed to supporting unknown authors and small publishers. Also, there are ladders to reach the upper shelves, always a plus for this book lover.

4. Selexyz, Maastricht, Holland

Before this was a bookstore, it was an ancient Dominican church – built 700 years ago! It’s absolutely stunning, and it seems so fitting that this beautiful place of worship is now the home to thousands of books. The amount of culture in this one building would be enough to take your breath away.

5. El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires

Okay, this might be my favorite yet. This formidable bookstore was once an historic Argentinean theater. The contents might have changed, but it still boasts the same amazing balconies, stage curtains, trimmings, and frescoed ceiling as it had when it opened as a theater in 1919.

Do you have an amazing bookstore in your community? Tell us what makes it great in a comment below!