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November 7, 2013 9:17 am

Make a Small Bedroom Appear Spacious

Small Bedroom

In a dream world, we’d all have lavishly large bedrooms, but in reality that isn’t the case. Whether you rent or own your own home, your bedroom may be smaller than you’d like. Although we can’t magically give you a bigger room, we’ve gathered a selection of great tips that you can use to make your bedroom seem more spacious.

Light & Dark, Cool & Warm

One of the most useful rules to keep in mind when decorating and furnishing a small bedroom is that light, cool colors will make the space look bigger and dark, while warm colors will make it seem smaller. You can use this knowledge to trick the eye and create the illusion of space. A good way of bringing this trick into play is to paint an accent wall in a pastel shade of blue or green on the wall facing the bedroom door, and painting the remaining walls in white or cream. This will make the darker wall seem to recede away from you.

Another idea which works well is to select three tones of the same color. Use the darkest to paint skirting-boards and trim, the medium shade for the walls, and the lightest shade for the ceiling, which will make the ceiling seem higher.

Choosing Furniture

Getting rid of clutter always makes the dimensions of a room seem greater, so take a good look at your bedroom and decide whether there are any non-essential items of furniture that you can do away with. Aim to literally create space by not having so many items in the bedroom. If you plan to invest in new furniture for your bedroom, select functional pieces which have built-in storage, and that will help you keep clutter to a minimum. You might also want to think about removing rugs from the floor, as these break up the space into smaller sections, making it look less expansive.

Bedding & Other Accessories

Although clutter will make a room feel smaller, carefully selected accessories aid you in getting a more spacious look for your bedroom. Mirrors, with their light reflective properties, are the number one tool for designers who want to make a room look bigger. Place a mirror opposite your window to pick up light and bring it into the room – but don’t stop there. You can also use curtains and bedding which has a slightly reflective sheen : think soft metallic gauzy drapes for the windows, and Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed.

Author Bio: Gabriel Luis is the founder of Just Bedding and believes the path to the perfect bedroom is in the details.