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December 8, 2013 9:54 am

Keys to an Unforgettable Wedding

Ah, the magic of weddings! As one of the most memorable and romantic events in life, the wedding day offers the bride, groom, and all their guests opportunities for warm feelings, social interaction, and other pleasantries that fill and (oftentimes) overwhelm the senses. Because weddings are usually once-in-a-lifetime events, or at least very rare occasions, they should be planned, crafted, and finely detailed so that the entire process oozes experiences that create memories of the special day. Wedding planners are, therefore, key elements in making the magic of an unforgettable event unfold.

Wedding planning advice for an unforgettable wedding

Keys That Unlock Wedding Magic

Key #1 – Determine Style. The first key to having a magical wedding is to determine the unique style of the bride and groom. Although a large majority of engaged couples seek traditional weddings held in churches, parks, or historic venues, others may consider locations more exotic such as parks, zoos, or carnivals. Resorts are quite popular wedding settings today because they offer beautiful surroundings and usually come with luxurious amenities that accommodate large wedding parties.

Style might also entail a traditional setting, but with varying creative expressions such as styles reflecting Victorian, Oriental, Medieval, or Hawaiian themes. Such themes and their accompanying styles should run throughout the entire wedding format.

Key #2 – Emphasize Ceremony. The actual ceremony is the zenith of the entire wedding and is where the magic occurs. If the ceremony is not exceptionally special then it could affect the mood of the remainder of the event as well as taint all lasting memories. Therefore, regardless where the wedding is held, the background, surrounding scenery and every minute detail of the ceremony needs to look and flow beautifully and smoothly.

Key #3 – Rave Reception. The reception is the celebratory portion of the wedding event. The newlywed couple is the highlight and their guests can relax, party, and offer congratulations. The reception venue is important not only because it should provide an amazing atmosphere that continues the theme of the wedding, but also because it must supply ample room for the entire wedding party to freely move about and enjoy the food and drinks.

Learn to Create Wedding Magic

There are special people who hold the skills and passion necessary to create unforgettable weddings. For such people, becoming a wedding planner allows them to express their talents, make others eternally happy, and build a lucrative career doing what they enjoy.

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