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Backyard Game Ideas for Your Summer Parties

Make your outdoor parties special with some backyard games

Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, family reunion, or neighborhood barbeque, any outdoor party is better with games. We’ve even seen them trending at outdoor weddings recently! They give guests something to do while they’re waiting for the hamburgers to cook, and they can make for some good memories and great photos. Take a look at a few creative game ideas for your next backyard party.

Lawn Jenga

The classic coffee table game can easily be made for the outdoors by making the pieces bigger. This DIY might take some skill with a table saw, but it requires virtually no materials other than wood. Guests could probably spend hours on a giant Jenga tournament…after all, the stakes have never been higher!

Homemade dunk bucket

A dunk bucket would be the perfect activity for some laughs on a hot day. With this game, one guest sits under a bucket of water, that’s triggered by a bulls-eye. Friends and family take aim with the goal of spilling the bucket on his head! Setup is a little more involved than the other games on this list (check out a tutorial here), but the results would be well worth it.

Water gun shoot-out

Bottles, ping pong balls, and water guns are all you need to create this Wild West-inspired outdoor game. Guests have to squirt their water guns from a few feet away from their target, trying to knock a ping pong ball off the top of a bottle. It’s an activity that both children and adults can enjoy, and the host could arrange for prizes to be given to the winners of certain categories. Cowboy hats optional, but would be an added bit of fun.

Ring toss

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned ring toss, and the party planner will love it even more because it’s so easy to DIY. You can make it fit with practically any theme, but it works great at a rustic chic party.

What’s your favorite backyard game? Let us know in a comment below!