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Become a Certified Wedding Planner with QC!

Do you dream of helping couples to transform their special day into a truly unforgettable day? Does the idea of venue hunting, creating memorable moments, and managing the sometimes chaotic behind the scenes action get you excited? QC’s Wedding Planning course has been helping people just like you achieve their wedding planning dreams for years, so let us tell you why we’re the school to help you become a certified wedding planner!

Become a Certified Wedding PlannerQC’s Wedding Planning course is designed to teach you all the ins and outs of the wedding planning industry. We’ll get your creative juices flowing from the very start of the course, throughout which you’ll learn all about how to organize and plan creative wedding ceremonies and receptions from beginning to end, promote your business, and make a lasting impression with your clients.

Our course will walk you through dissecting a wedding, the different roles involved, and showing you exactly where you fit in as a wedding planner. You’ll be taught about the many religious wedding variations, how to manage budgets, and how to work with difficult and/or emotional clients. Once you graduate from the course you can proudly say you have your I.W.P.P certification (International Wedding Planning Professional), and be ready to take on any wedding planning job.

Though it can be tricky to navigate through the various aspects of wedding planning, it can be a very rewarding career. Contact QC Event School today and let one of our Student Support Specialists tell you more about why this might be the place for you to become a certified wedding planner!