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The Benefits of Multidisciplinary Learning

At QC, we believe in the benefits of multidisciplinary learning. After all, you probably have a lot of different interests, and your education should reflect that! That’s why we’re trying to make it as easy as possible to personalize your courses with our Buy One Get One 50% Off* discount, making your continuing education both simple and rewarding. Once you start developing your skills with QC, you might not want to stop!

Here are just a few benefits of multidisciplinary learning…

The benefits of multidisciplinary learning

Set yourself apart from your competition

Let’s say you’re looking to break into the event planning industry. You submit your resume to a local hotel, highlighting your event planning training. The problem is that nearly everyone who applies for this job has received similar training…you need a way to make yourself stand out.

Now let’s say that along with your event planning course, you also took business communications. Most of your competitors will not have formal training in business writing, so right away you look a little different, and a little more interesting, to the hiring manager.

The benefits can be even greater if you own your own business. For example, you’re a recent graduate offering interior decorating services. So are a dozen other people in your area. BUT – you added Feng Shui training to your education. Now, you’re able to offer your potential clients an experience that most of your competitors cannot.

Enhance your skill set

As a professional in any industry, you should be continuously adding to your skills and upgrading your education. After all, the more you know, the greater are your career opportunities will be. A multidisciplinary education is a great foundation for this kind of lifelong learning and skill-building. You’ll be able to tackle a wider variety of projects and maybe even expand your services into niche markets.

Expand your creativity

One of the pleasant side-effects of a well-rounded education is an increased ability to think outside the box. It’s all too easy for our brains to get in a rut, and to think about things only one way. It might be easier, but it’s no good for an ambitious graduate looking to break into a new career!

When you learn more than one subject, you’re better able to think of creative ideas that will help in so many ways, like boosting your business, for example. You can pull from different areas of your training and experience to tackle things in fresh, new ways. And when problems arise (which they will), you’ll be better prepared to come up with quick, creative solutions to solve them.

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*Please note that 50% discount will be applied to each additional course of equal or lesser value