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Best bike riding destinations in the USA

Bike riding is among one of the best outdoor activities in the world, whether you’re biking as an individual or in a group of friends. It can be a thrilling experience, and picking the perfect destination makes for an unforgettable biking experience. It can ignite the passion of bike lovers.

Here is a carefully compiled list of the best biking destinations in the USA for any passionate rider wishing to experience the ultimate journey in bike riding.

Boulder, Colorado

Biking is great in Boulder, Colorado
Boulder is a haven for bikers. It has dedicated bike-ways, routes, and underpasses that will ensure you experience uninterrupted biking. I guarantee you’ll enjoy riding through this picturesque state, with its mountains, beautiful green summer landscape, and winter beauty.

Brevard, North Carolina

Biking in Brevard, North Carolina
Brevard is the best destination for the biker looking for a challenging trail, especially through the Pisgah National Forest. In the Brevard area, you can also take time to enjoy mouth-watering Southern food and a number of local breweries.

Portland, Oregon

This famous US destination has long been considered the king of cycling. The biker will enjoy both city riding and also the fantastic mountain trails. At Portland, you’ll love the coffee too.

Chicago, Illinois

On your next trip to Chicago, take a bike ride

The city of Chicago has a great biking environment and notable bicycling infrastructure. It boasts more than 200 miles of protected bike lanes and good bike parking areas. You can also visit the famous Lakefront Trail, running about 18.5 miles.

Washington, DC

Take a bike ride in Washington, DC

Biking is the best way to experience the famous monuments and memorials. You’ll enjoy great sight-seeing by visiting the C&O Canal, a 185-mile-long channel following the Potomac River. Bike rentals are readily available.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis bikers will not fall short of company. There’s a great biking culture here, and riders will enjoy the 120 miles of dedicated bikeways and bridges. Because the city is flat, it’s great for beginners.

Austin, Texas

Enjoy biking in this spectacular ranch land, home to the Austin Bike Zoo. The state of Texas is also home to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, a 6-mile-long channel that runs through the capital. Outside, you can bike through the Texas Hill Country, famed for its beautiful ranches – you’ll enjoy the country life.


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