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BFF’s – Photographers and Event Planners

event planners

Something will inevitably go wrong at every wedding. As a photographer, having an event planner onsite to trouble-shoot problems is truly a blessing. With an event planner’s help, I can devote 100% of my time to the job at hand- capturing precious moments.

Event planners are detail orientated. They are prepared for everything and anything. They are calm, articulate and pretty well have super powers to be able to pull off successful events time after time. That alone pretty much sums up why they are wonderful. But to break it down…

Here are a few reasons why event planners are truly lifesavers:

– Getting an itinerary in advance directly from a bride is often challenging. Working with a planner guarantees an accurate schedule far enough in advance in order to plan an arrival time, the arrival of the 2nd shooter, and the scheduling of any rental equipment.

– They always seem to have a secret stash of protein bars on hand. It must be a secret language that our stomachs communicate with… and trust me, extra energy is required when you’re working 12 hour days!

– Planners are excellent with time management. Follow their schedule and you’re set. Less time worrying spent worrying about the schedule means that I can put all of my energy into nailing creative shots.

– Bridezillas are not entirely our problem anymore. Truthfully I’ve never encountered one yet, but I know they exist! I’ve been told this is where telephoto lenses come in handy…

– Referrals: word of mouth is the best form of advertising in the wedding industry. There is no room for errors or arrogance during a wedding, so vendors like to be selective with who they work with. Make a planner happy and their word is gold.

– Cocktail hour, otherwise known as chaos for the photographer. The ceremony has finished, and everyone is ecstatic and carefree except you are on a specific time-frame for the family and bridal portraits. Who is Uncle John again? How many cousins were there? A planner keeps you sane during this stage of any event and generally has a glass of wine ready for you at the finish line.

Still not believing me? No problem! I’ve saved the most important fact for last…

The cake will get eaten, the flowers will wilt away, and the decorations will all get packed up. What remains as a daily reminder of the wedding are the photos. There are no excuses when it comes to not getting ‘the shot’, but a planner can really help alleviate the risk of failure. They have spent weeks with the bride, so when things go wrong they already have that bond where a single glance can turn to giggles. The event planner will ensure that you get the shots you need because remember, those shots are equally important to them! Those photos are their only tangible proof of a job well done.

Karen AsselinKaren is an Ottawa-based photographer specializing in wedding photography. Love & laughter describes the experience you will have and the pictures you will cherish. Getting married? Let’s grab a coffee and treat 🙂

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