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Bronze, Blush, and Highlight

Bronze, blush, and highlight – the three key staples to a flawless complexion. Once you have perfected and neutralized (removed any redness, dark circles and spots) the skin with foundation and concealer it’s time to bring back the color and definition. Sometimes after we apply foundation we feel a little washed out or pale. Bronzer, blush, and highlighter are perfect ways to brighten up the face!

There are no rules for the order of application. I prefer to apply bronzer, blush, then highlighter – in that order – but you may have another method and that’s okay too! I find that applying bronzer first allows you to see the face shape better and identify where you need to apply the other two products.

When applying bronzer you want to focus on the hollows of the cheeks, the top of the forehead, and underneath the jaw bone. This is a gentle contour for the face and helps the face appear thinner and more sculpted.

When applying blush, focus on the apples of the cheeks blending back towards the ear, basically right above where you have applied the bronzer. Use small circular buffing motions to apply the blush. This will help with an even application of product and a natural finish.

Lastly, highlighter should be applied where you want to highlight certain areas of the face. Applying highlighter to the tops of the cheek bones helps to accentuate the contouring you have already done. With the darker bronzer in the hollow of the cheekbone (drawing it in) and a bright highlight on the top of the cheekbone (drawing it out) you’re really able to make cheekbones appear more pronounced. You can also apply highlighter along the bridge of the nose up into a V on the forehead, as well as temples, centre of the chin, cupids bow (just above the upper lip), and brow bone!

Here is a diagram I drew to give you a visual on these application tips!

bronze blush and highlight

Model: Siobhan Bolton / Makeup: Brittany Hall

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