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So You Want a Career in Decorating…

You said you wanted a career that was creative, made you think on your feet, involved developing professional relationships with many different kinds of people, and offered lots of variety. A career in decorating will give you all that – and more.


You never know where you will be, or, for that matter, what you will be doing! In the course of one week, a call might come in from a very high-end client. Could you find time to fly to New York and Florida with her to advise on furniture purchase and decoration for the new penthouse she has just acquired in Miami? Sure you can.


Later that week, the next call offers a staging contract for a house that needs to sell very quickly. You go for a first visit. Glamorous, it ain’t. You don rubber gloves and before you know it, you and your team are busy house cleaning. And it is quite the job. The house has been vacated by an elderly man who lived alone. Let’s just say his cleaning was not quite up to par. Before you can get into advising about new paint color, it’s probably wise to rid the house of the odor of cats.


And, before you go to work on the house or send your cleaning team in, check out all the fabulous facts on A quick read and you will feel in charge of the whole world.

Just don’t forget to keep your gallon container of distilled white vinegar with you at all times!