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Ceiling Decorations Are the Best Decorations

Ceiling Decorations

When it comes to ceiling decor, even the simplest touch can easily leave your guests looking up in wonder. Ceiling decor adds height and drama to any event, and makes it seem as though you’ve broken the laws of gravity. By paying some extra attention to the ceiling, you’ll really go above and beyond as an event planner.

We are just loving these balloons turned picture holders as lovely event decor, and the photos add such a special touch (not to mention a great conversation starter). This idea would work well for an office party, anniversary celebration, or bachelorette party. Pick balloons with a pop of color for an added touch.

If you’re working with a narrow table, you don’t have much room for centerpieces. That’s why you should consider pulling the centerpieces up into the air, and hanging them from the ceiling! You’ll have more space on the table for important things, like food, and your guests will easily be able to see and interact with one another across the way. Something simple like these mason jars, wildflowers, and votives are the perfect touch.

Dining under a canopy of flowers – can there be anything better? This is an excellent way to have the comforts of an indoor setting with the atmosphere of an outdoor garden. The pink orchids in this photo really bring elegance to the entire setting, although this look could easily be achieved with any gorgeous flower.

These cute little floating paper hearts are so whimsical, they would be just perfect at an event like an engagement party or a child’s birthday party. The hearts could be swapped for any suitable shape, and are oh-so easy to do-it-yourself. Hang the strings just a bit lower to give guests the perfect photo-op – a fun feature they’re sure to enjoy.