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How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Venue

Most people think that every girl starts planning her wedding before she turns six. That’s not always true, but it’s still a very important event in a girl’s life. Most men don’t understand why we women stress out during the big planning before the wedding, but it’s extremely important for us that everything goes smooth and according to plan. If you want to make that picture you have in your mind come to life, you need to focus on creating a romantic atmosphere. In order to do that, you need to find an appropriate environment for the event. The following tips will instruct you how to choose a perfect wedding venue.

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Making a Guest List

Where to start your planning? You should begin with making a guest list – this usually takes more time than you think it will. If you want all your guests feeling comfortable at your wedding, you need to think about seating while you’re making that list. When you’re done with your list, start looking for venues online. It’s easy to fall in love with a place – every single venue is made to lure you in and make you start picturing saying your “I dos” there.

If You Like it, It’s Not Expensive

Before making a reckless decision, be sure to go through some totally different venues. Always have in mind what guest capacity you expect from a place. There are different ways of payment you need to consider as well. Paying for a venue may be based on a flat rate, or you could be charged for a price per head. Also, many venues have organized set packages that you may find acceptable. If not, ask around and try to find a catering house nearby and check its credibility. Either way, you must book your chosen venue in advance.

Choosing a Menu

When picking out a set package, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ask if that venue has a selection of menus that you could consider and make some changes if necessary. It’s always a good idea to have a vegetarian alternative. Also, you shouldn’t forget about lighting – ask your photographer to adjust the light so your pictures don’t turn out to be too light or too dark. One other thing you need to have in mind is the season and weather conditions, especially if you want to have an outdoor wedding. Even if you pick summer for your big day, you should check a weather forecast so you don’t get surprised with a summer shower.


The next part is decorations. It’s probably best to work with a professional, because you don’t want to overcrowd a venue with flowers or decorative strings. Before you start ordering things, you should harmonize all the colors you want to use for your wedding. You don’t need to spend a fortune on decorating – you just need to pick out materials and ornaments that fit perfectly when combined. For example, you could use candles if you want to make a romantic atmosphere during the ceremony. And it’s always stylish and cost-effective to use discrete bows on chairs and benches. Also, be sure to see the flower arrangement that you’ve picked out in person and make sure you harmonize your order with season, so you don’t end up with a withered set of flowers. When it comes to music, listen to a few bands before you hire them to make sure they are capable of making the atmosphere you want.

Perfect Venue Location

We have only one thing left for you to consider before you pick out a venue. Even if you have an already picked out the location of your dreams, you should visit a few different venues located in different environments. Here’s a list of locations that couples usually find very appealing.

  1. A luxurious wedding reception in an expensive hotel could be a chance for you to impress your guests. Yes, it will probably cost you a little bit more than you planned, but it’ll be worth every penny
  2. Did you think about having a ceremony surrounded by nature? The only problem on a mountain, on a beach, by the lake or in the woods could be weather condition, so consult a weather forecast before you pick out a date
  3. If you want to make a perfectly romantic atmosphere, you should consider having a ceremony in a castle – where every princess should get married (that is, if you have a castle nearby!). But before you book it, check out its guest capacity and a travel route if you plan on choosing a distant location.
  4. You could get married on a cruise. Your floating ceremony will be a day to remember for sure!


Written by Anita Reid

Anita is a Brisbanian woman living with her two adorable children and a loving husband. Some of her fondest memories date back to their wedding day, an event she plans to repeat on her 5 year anniversary. You may catch Anita doing yoga, jogging or watching Friends reruns.