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A Christmas Story to Spread Holiday Cheer

Have you entered our Christmas writing contest yet? We here at Winghill decided to get in the Christmas spirit and write a Christmas story of our own! We hope it inspires you to do the same.

Julie and the Christmas Turkey

An original Christmas story from Winghill

“It’s a Christmas miracle!” Julie exclaimed.

Everyone in the supermarket stopped and stared. Mothers held their sticky-faced children just a little bit closer, and little old ladies turned down their hearing aids.

Julie pulled her hood over her head to cover her burning cheeks. She hadn’t meant to yell out, but she was just so excited! She had her hands on the very last Butterball turkey in a four-mile radius and she was gripping it tight, ready to make her way to the cashier like a linebacker if anyone so much as happened to breathe on her.

It was going to be her first Christmas hosting dinner, and she was determined to get it right. Her parents, brother, sister, and dog Socks were miraculously all staying in her one-bedroom apartment in the city. Underneath her spindly artificial tree lay a mountain of colorful presents, and she had even bought a tablecloth for the occasion. Now, as she sat on the bus with her turkey bouncing in her lap she knew – it was going to be a great Christmas.

“Mom! Get the fire extinguisher!”

“I don’t know where you keep your fire extinguisher! You really have no storage space in here, darling.”

Socks was barking at the smoke as it circled around his head.

“Wait a minute, I don’t even have a fire extinguisher!” Julie pried open the window and stuck her head into the frozen air. The smoke escaped into the night and as it left the kitchen, it revealed a charred turkey. Julie started to cry. How had everything gone so wrong so quickly? Socks began sniffing around at the ashy remains, and Julie reached down and gave him a drumstick. At least one of them would have a good meal.

“Sweetheart, come here.” Her dad held her and patted her head. “Do you want me to talk to your landlord about getting you a fire extinguisher?”

Julie looked up at him through her tears. “No, Dad. It’s okay.”

“Well you’re obviously not going to do it! While I’m at it I can ask him for your rent receipts for your income tax. You can claim those, you know.”

Julie sighed and flopped down on the lumpy couch where her brother and sister were whispering.

“Hey big sis,” her sister squeezed her hand and gave her a big smile. “Tim and I think we know exactly how to cheer you up. Why don’t you open up one of your presents early?”

“Why not?” Julie replied under rivers of streamed mascara. “Christmas is already ruined anyway.”

Julie began to tear at the paper. “We made it ourselves!” Her siblings sang in unison. Her parents gathered around the living room, and everyone watched as Julie pulled out a family photo album. On the first page was written the following inscription:

To our amazing sister on Christmas. You’re the best!

For the rest of the evening, this close little family flipped through the glossy pages, laughing at themselves, telling stories of Christmases long ago, and wondering about Christmases yet to come. When they got hungry, they made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and gave their crusts to Socks.