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Climbing the Eiffel Tower

climbing the eiffel tower

When I was 17, I traveled to Europe with a bunch of kids from my high school for a senior trip. Of all the places we saw and things we did on that trip, visiting the Eiffel Tower was probably the most memorable. It was a somewhat rainy, overcast day and was a little too windy for my liking – but climbing the Eiffel Tower stairs is something I’ll never forget.

When I arrived at the Eiffel Tower, We climbed the first set of stairs to reach the “first floor”. On this floor, I was 57m from the ground. There’s food, washrooms, and anything else you could need. It’s a great point for taking pictures, though the second floor was where I snapped most of my photos from.

To reach the second floor (115m from the ground), we climbed more stairs. There are plenty of binoculars on this floor and it was by far the busiest of the areas I visited. While the rest of our group lined up for the lift that brings you up to the third and final floor (324m from the ground), a friend and I opted to grab a cappuccino and sit and enjoy the views instead. The line to take the lift to the third floor was long, and the lift can only take so many people up and back down at once. We simply weren’t interested in wasting our time in line like that when we could soak in Paris from the second floor. What a view!

When we were finished, we started our climb back down to the ground. I have to say, going down the stairs is much more frightening than going up because you can actually see the ground when you’re headed down! The stairs are made of steel and have holes all through them, so being able to see through them down to the ground coupled with the fact the wind was picking up made the experience a little scary. It was all worth it, however.

That’s my story of climbing the Eiffel Tower. Have you ever been? Let me know in a comment! I’d love to hear about it and swap travel stories.