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Color Your Child’s Room Classic

Your child’s room can be a challenge to decorate and just as frustrating to organize. Especially boys’ rooms. Let’s face it, their tastes and favorites seem to change all the time. One second they want to be the next superhero, the next its James Bond. Then they are off to University in a flash. Choose a color palette that is kid enough without being too “baby.” Why not go for a light grey which feels “boy” without feeling “baby boy.”

Keep it basic!

Keep the basic shell of the room tasteful, neutral (meaning, no theme), and timeless. Inspire the fun personality in things you can easily update or change as your child’s tastes evolve – and it undoubtedly will.  Who can afford to redecorate an entire room every year (the cost could creep up if you have more than one child!)? Try to veer away from cheap flat pack furniture as this doesn’t last as long, especially with children! Go for more robust, sturdy furniture like solid oak beds and wardrobes.

Choose a paint color for the walls that you feel you will be able to live with for a significant period of time, unless you love painting walls. I have an aversion to painting – tedious and boring! So once a room is painted in our house that is it. No more. Choose furniture that you like, not just furniture that your child likes.  So when buying furniture make sure that you like it, so that after he gets sick of it or grows up and goes to college, then you can incorporate the furniture into other areas of the house.

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Don’t go OTT…

Try to keep things in proportion; children’s rooms really don’t need a lot of over-decoration. They have colorful and interesting toys that they would probably love to display, no need to buy more things, it will only clutter! Keep things simple, classic and clean and it will usually makes for a more pleasing overall effect. Make the most of what they already have and use the best of it to decorate the room. Put up colorful hooks or pegs for hats, whilst toys can be easily displayed along with their own artwork.

Chalkboards are ideal for children! Not only can they use them to develop their writing and drawing skills but you can also give them chores to do and daily schedules so they feel they have played a part in the organization of the day – the uses of chalkboards are endless.

Be creative – involve everyone!

If you happen to be a budding artist (or know one) and would love to personalize your kids’ rooms, try decorating one wall, a desk, a wooden chair or canvas to show their personality. Even better why not involve your child too? With hand prints to paint balloons you really can get creative, and it’s something meaningful they can keep.

Put up bookshelves wherever you can find space, particularly in close proximity to the bed to encourage them to read – this will provide huge educational benefits and also allows you to spend time with your child every night before bed. Always make a plan before, color charts, fabrics and get all of their artwork together so it is ready to accessorize.

Bio: Karen has three children and four grandchildren and is now an expert in decorating children’s bedrooms on a budget, to give an effortless and timeless look. Her inspiration for the color palettes come from her favorite interior furniture company; Homeward Bound Interiors. When she hasn’t’t got her hands full with children, she runs two businesses and enjoys long walks with her dogs on the beach.