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Have a Crafty Christmas with DIY Ornaments!

DIY ornaments

This is for all the crafters out there! Today we’re bringing you a tutorial for DIY ornaments from a member of the QC staff. She crafted up these festive little string and pine cone ornaments, and we loved them so much we just had to share.

It’s a little time consuming, but so worth the effort. So go throw on some cheerful Christmas tunes (we’re loving A Very She & Him Christmas), grab yourself a mug of hot cocoa, and let’s get started!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Before you get started you’ll want to round up the following materials:

– different colors of string to use for your ball ornaments

– pine cones (optional)

– string for garland (we used twine)

– white craft glue

– scissors

– sponge craft brush

– small plastic cups

– small, round balloons

– water

Alright, let’s dive right in!

DIY ornaments

Step 1: Inflate your balloons, but not all the way. You want to try and make the balloons as perfectly round as possible.

Step 2: Hold down the end of the string to the balloon while you wrap the string around, and be sure to overlap the strand. Once the end of the string is secured under the layers of string it should stay in place.

Step 3: Always check to make sure the string is tight all the way around. If it is loose anywhere your ornaments will look lumpy!

DIY Ornaments

Step 4: Continue to wrap the string randomly around the balloon, making sure to overlap the string as much as possible.

Step 5: Once you’re happy with the coverage (remember, you want there to be some holes) it’s time to begin gluing!

Step 6: Mix your glue and water in one of the plastic cups. To create the mix, combine two parts glue with one part water.

DIY Ornaments

Step 7: Dab your gluey mixture all over the ball, making sure to coat everything well.

Step 8: Once you’ve completely covered the ball, let it rest on the top of a plastic cup until dry.

*TIP: For best results, be somewhat generous with the glue mixture and let dry completely overnight. For those of you who are a bit impatient (we hear ya!), give the drying process a kick-start with a hair dryer. Just be sure to let it completely dry before moving on to the next step).

Step 9: Once completely dry, cut the end of the balloon to deflate it – if you didn’t leave enough room by the knot of the balloon to pull it through the hole, let the deflated balloon fall into the ball and find a bigger hole to pull the balloon out of. We recommend using tweezers to do this bit. 

DIY Ornaments

Step 10: You’re all done your first string ball ornament! Now all you have to do is repeat it about 20 more times to create enough for a garland. Once you’ve made enough, move on to step 11.

*TIP: If doing just one has tuckered you out, simply slip an ornament hook into it, hang it on your tree and call it a day!

Step 11: Cut a length of string to tie your ornaments and pine cones to. If you’re not a huge fan of pine cones, swap them out for something else! Try using other ornaments, Christmas cards, paper snowflakes, etc. Be sure to tie a secure knot around each ornament so they stay in place once the garland is hung up.

Step 12: Hang it up! As this does have a bit of weight to it when finished, we found thumbtacks were best to keep it hanging in place. 

Et voila! You now have a beautiful, easy and affordable Christmas decoration. Try it out and let us know what you think in a comment below.

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