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Cranberry Glitter Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys!

So as most of you probably know, QC is running an awesome contest. Check the details out here! You need to create a look using glitter. I’ve created another look to inspire you to get creative with glitter. If you’d like to check out a previous glitter inspired post by me, click here.

This time around I used the beautiful model Marie. I also decided to incorporate more than just the eye in my step by step instructions so I can show you how we achieved her complexion as well. For a glitter look or any type of bolder eye look, I find it’s easier to start with the eyes. That way you can just wipe clean any fallout from the glitter or dark shadows with a makeup wipe. Here is a look at the shadows used to create this eye look:

The products I used for my second glitter look

I used:

1. A matte black shadow
2. A cranberry shadow
3. A brow highlight
4. A glitter (this look can be done with any type of glitter you have in your kit!)

Step by step for a holiday glitter look

Step 1 – Start with a clean, primed eyelid

Step 2 – Since this is very fine milled glitter, I did not need to use glitter glue. The primer was enough to hold the glitter. Apply the glitter to the high point of the eye, just in the center of the lid. The glitter I used is limited edition from Make Up For Ever, but check out their glitters and diamond powders. They are amazing! This one has a reddish undertone with a blue/green glitter. It reminds me of mermaid skin!

Step 3 – Take a cranberry shadow (MAC has a great one called “cranberry”), and blend it into the outer crease

Step 4 – Take that same cranberry hue and blend it up around the top of the glitter into the crease and down into the inner corner of the eye

Step 5 – Deepen the outer corner of the crease with a matte black shadow

Step 6 – Clean up any fallout and sharpen up the edge of the shadow using a makeup wipe

Step 7 – Apply a brow highlight and a tear duct highlight

Step 8 – Apply liquid liner and mascara

Step 9 – Apply a nice, full set of false lashes!

Next up: Complexion

Prime the face and apply medium to full coverage foundation. In Marie’s case, I wanted to do some color correction as there is a bit of redness in the skin. I used a color correcting primer and I used a slightly yellow foundation to counteract the pinkness in her skin.

Creating a clean face with color correction

Next up, I applied an under-eye concealer to brighten up the look. I chose to keep the under-eye clean of any shadow or liner, so I brought the concealer right up along the lash line. This will give us a very clean look. Then I contoured her face using a liquid foundation in a dark color. I applied this contour along her hairline, under her cheek bone, and under her jaw line.

Adding some contour to the face

Then, I softened the liquid contour using a fluffy brush. With that same brush (as shown in first picture below), I applied a matte bronzer to set the liquid contour, blending into the center of the face to soften any edges. Next, I applied a blush along her jaw bone right on top of the contour.

Blend out your contour

Lastly, I set the whole look using a translucent powder and applied a powder highlight along the tops of her cheekbones (right above the blush), and down the center of her nose. Pop on some lipstick and away you go! I chose to stick with a super neutral lip as the eyes are the focus in this look.

Set the look with a powder highlight

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! The best of luck to those who are entering the All That Glitter’s contest! Not only is this an inspiration for that contest but it’s also a great look for holiday parties or any night out! Here is a look at the finished product…

A fabulous glitter look for the holidays

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