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DIY Outdoor Design Projects to Breathe Life into Your Outdoor Spaces!

Spring is just around the corner! The birds are out in full swing, chirping and playing in the bushes and there is grass peaking out beneath the piles of slowly melting snow. It’s finally time to plan some fun outdoor design projects in honor of the changing season. Here are some project ideas that are low-budget, use up-cycled materials and will brighten your outdoor space to compliment the blooming foliage!

Craft Supplies

Bird Feeders:

Bird feeders are a formal invitation to our feathered friends to flock to our outdoor spaces, bringing with them a flurry of delightful songs and playful antics. These two feeders are great outdoor design projects because they are easy to assemble, use items you may already have around the home or could easily find second-hand and will add a unique flair to your backyard décor!

Tea Party Anyone?


    • Teacup and saucer
    • Super glue
    • Various items for hanging or affixing the feeders
    • Bird seed!
  • There are many tutorials out there for this type of project so I’ve listed a few below with detailed instructions and different options for hanging or affixing the feeders in your yard. You can make a matching bird bath with a slightly larger teacup and saucer!

    • Hanging Teacup Feeder Using Cup Handle courtesy of Mommy Moment
  • Elegant Globe Feeders


    • Glass globe (from an old lamp or light)
    • Rope
    • Birdseed!
  • Design Sponge provided a step-by-step tutorial for these super simple and elegant bird feeders.

    Bird Bath (Kid Friendly):

    Bird Bath

    If you’re going to invite birds into your outdoor space, why not make a corresponding bird bath so they can splash around and cool off on those hot summer days! This bird bath is super simple to make and can be customized to match your current outdoor décor or furniture. It’s also a great project for anyone with kids since they can help pick the colors and paint the pots!

    Terra Cotta Bird Bath


    • Three Terra Cotta Pots (one 14”, one 12” and one 10”)
    • One Terra Cotta Saucer (16”)
    • Acrylic-based silicone caulking
    • Paint
  • The Culinary Cougar has a great tutorial for this project with easy to follow instructions.

    Fun Outdoor Design Projects Using Old Tires

    Have some old, worn out tires that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not turn them into charming planters or plant beds! With a little ingenuity and carefully selected spray-paint you can brighten your yard and help the environment at the same time. Tire planters are relatively easy to make, eco-friendly and add rustic charm to your outdoor spaces!

    Affixed Planters with Cascading Flowers


    • Old tires
    • Drill (for drilling the bottom of the tires for drainage)
    • Large screws/washers
    • Potting soil and plants
  • This tutorial from Recaptured Charm will walk you through this easy project with pictures of the various stages. You can choose to leave the tires as is or kick the project up a notch by painting the tires with spray paint to match your outdoor color scheme!

    Recycled Tire Planter Bed

    Don’t have an outdoor fixture to screw a planter into? No problem! You can make colorful planter beds instead!


    • Old tires
    • Weed block (landscape fabric)
    • Stapler Gun
    • Spray Paint & Painters Tape (for designs!)
    • Potting soil and plants
  • Follow the instructions provided by Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects and check out her other projects!

    Spring Wreaths

    Spring Flowers

    Colorful wreaths hung on front doors add curb appeal to your home and help spread spring fever across the neighborhood! Bring smiles to your neighbors’ faces with these whimsical up-cycled wreaths (and perhaps looks of envy as well!)

    Unique Umbrella Wreath

    What comes to mind when you think of spring? Blooming flowers and of course, spring showers! Celebrate both aspects of the season with this simple but eye-catching wreath.


    • Vintage-style umbrella
    • Grocery bags
    • Floral stems (real or fake)
  • Check out the adorable wreath from Green Owl Crafts.

    Quaint Monogram Wreath

    Want a spring wreath that stands out and is personalized for your family name? This one might be for you!


    • Oval picture frame
    • Burlap ribbon
    • Thin ribbon
    • Sheet moss
    • Chipboard letter
    • Hot glue gun
  • Daisy Mae Belle kindly provides step-by-step instructions for this outdoor design project.

    I hope these projects have inspired you to take any odds and sods you have hanging around the house and turn them into something fabulous! These types of eco-friendly projects can minimize your impact on the environment, support local animals and foliage and make your outdoor space stand out. #Winning!

    We’d LOVE to hear your ideas for up-cycled DIY outdoor design projects so please comment below with your design plans for the spring!