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Get Creative with DIY Brooch Bouquets!

I have to say I admire my best friend’s determination to not let her wedding break the bank.  She and her fiancé have made a pact to not let each other go overboard with wedding plans, and to not be in debt by the time the wedding’s over this coming August.  Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s ready to sacrifice on style or glamour.

So… let the DIY begin!

Once the dress was picked and the venue was booked, we moved our attention over to flowers.  Professionally assembled bouquets can cost hundreds of dollars… and they only last a few days.  Instead, we decided to put our craft skills to the test and assemble brooch bouquets.  These stunning pieces last a lifetime, and cost as little as $20 to assemble.

A quick visit to the hardware store and a few ebay sprees later, we were ready to blossom.

Here’s what you’ll need:

brooch bouquets

–          Lots and lots of brooches. Make sure they match your wedding colors!

–          Faux fabric flowers (get them cheap at the dollar store). Again, colors are important. You want these to be subtle.

–          Spools of 0.8mm steel wire.

–          Fabric tape

–          A 12-inch ruler

–          Pliers

–          A power drill

–          Silk or lace fabric

Step 1: Measure it.

Measure about 24 inches of steel wire, cut it, and fold it in half. Do this two more times.

Note: The length here can vary. At 24 inches, it’ll give you a “stem” about 10-11 inches long once complete.  You can make these shorter or longer, depending on the person who’ll be carrying the bouquet.

Step 2: Thread it.

Thread the three steel wires through different locations on the brooch. Make sure you to this only in/on sturdy sections to prevent damaging the brooch! We broke a few brooches discovering this, so it might not be a bad idea to start off with the not-so-special brooches until you get the hang of it.

Note: for smaller brooches, two steel wires might be sufficient

Step 3: Do the twist!

Bunch up all the loose wires, and use pliers to trim them to exactly the same length. Then, tighten the wire tips through the drill and slowly twist the bunch until the wires form a solid, sturdy stem.

Alternative: If you don’t have a drill, this step can be done by hand.  Twist each (doubled-over) wire on its own, and then twist the three strands together.

Step 4: Tape it.

Use the pliers to flatten out any sharp edges that might be on the tip of the stem, then tape the entire length of the stem from the top down.

Ta-Da! You now have a brooch on a stem.

brooch bouquets

Step 5: Repeat!

Depending on the number of bouquets you’re assembling… you’ll be repeating the steps above anywhere from 20 to 100 times. Why not get the girls together for an arts & crafts night! Put on a movie, pour some wine, and assemble brooches together. Fun!

Step 6: Assemble it

brooch bouquets

Once all your brooches are done, it’s time to assemble the bouquet.  You’ll want to experiment here with what works best for you.  Since the colors for this wedding are white and blue, we decided to go with white felt roses as the base, with white/silver brooches and a hint of blue ones.

When you’re happy with your bouquet, tape the stems together and then wrap the lace fabric around the entire stem.


We purchased all the brooches for $1-$3 on ebay, shipping included.  Since we used varying amounts of brooches in each bouquet, prices varied but here’s a close estimate:

– Bride’s bouquet: 20 brooches, $35.00

– Maid of honor: 15 brooches, $25.00

– Bridesmaids (times 5): 5-10 brooches, $10-15

Flowers for the entire wedding party: under $200.00


– If your brooches are gold instead of silver, you’ll want to use gold-colored wire to make sure the colors blend!

– Try to purchase brooches that represent your ladies’ personalities! You can find brooches of different animals, hobbies, sports, or even movies and TV Shows! As long as they match your colors, this adds a personal touch that real flowers just can’t offer.

– For an added bit of glamour, try draping pearl necklaces, earrings, or sequins from the edges of the bouquet. (Of course this can also drive your costs up!)

– These are pretty heavy… so just keep that in mind if you’re planning on throwing the bouquet during the reception! You might want to have your guests wear safety glasses or be ready to duck!

Looking for more savings? Use these as centerpieces!

Ready to check another item off your to-do list without adding any extra cost? Brooch bouquets can double-up as centerpieces for the reception.

Simply have sturdy vases waiting on each guest table, and have your maids drop their bouquets in those vases as they enter the reception.  Job done!