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Is “travel agent” really a good career?

The life of a travel agent sounds ultra glamorous and filled with fun travel. Everyone knows at least one travel agent, whether they be a friend or family member, who always seems to be jetting off on vacation or traveling somewhere beautiful for “business”. It makes you wonder – is a career as a travel agent really all it’s cracked up to be? Is “travel agent” really a good career?

Our answer is simple: yes, it is. Although it may not be as glamorous as it sounds, as it certainly demands a lot of work and sufficient training, but the rest is pretty accurate. Travel agents are able to score incredible travel deals, help out family and friends with companion discounts, jet away on “fam trips” to become familiar with a new resort or hotel, and meet thousands of people over the course of their careers.

Like any career, you get out of it what you put into it. You’ll earn more if you work more hours, work harder, and learn to service your clients better than your competition. You’ll enjoy more rewards if you earn more income (some places even offer commission). And, unlike most jobs, everyday involves new challenges, new people, and plenty of excitement.

QC Travel School offers two online learning programs in travel consultancy. The first is Travel + Tourism and the second is Travel + Tourism plus GDS Training. Personally, I always recommend prospective students go with the second option and choose Travel + Tourism plus GDS Training. This particular course will prepare you fully for your career as a travel agent, consultant, or employee at a travel planning shop. While you’ll still need to check local regulations and likely earn yourself an official license, this course is an amazing stepping stone and will set you that much further ahead of other travel agents who are just beginning their careers.

To learn more about the course, please click here. To chat with someone right away, email or call 1-800-267-1829. Our student support team is available Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm ET and would love to hear from you.