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Feng Shui Certification Programs Online

Did you know that QC Design School offers feng shui certification programs online? It’s true! Many of our decorating students are looking to bring a different element to their designs. These students understand that the color, layout, and accessories you choose can have an effect on the lives of the people living in that space. Training in feng shui is a great way to bring harmony to your designs.

With QC’s feng shui course, you’ll learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home, and entirely on your schedule. After all, that’s the beauty of distance education – no strict deadlines, learning when it’s convenient for you. Your course will take you through seven comprehensive units. You’ll learn:

–          Take a course in feng shuiThe basic concepts of ancient feng shui: ch’i, yin and yan, and the five elements

–          How energy affects your clients homes, how to take energy readings, and fill in any energy gaps

–          How to improve balance in the home

–          How to apply feng shui principles to any room, and any building – from quiet homes to office buildings.

–          How electromagnetic fields affect a home, and how to manage them

–          How to conduct a cleansing ceremony in a new home

–          How to bring your feng shui training outside to the yard and garden

On top of this, you’ll also receive business training to prepare you to start your own feng shui business once you graduate. You’ll learn how to set up your business, marketing and promotion, and how to work with clients.

Do you want to learn more about QC’s feng shui course? Visit now!

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