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Get Creative – Liquid Liner Tips and Tricks

It’s all about the liquid liner! Liquid liner has been quite popular for years but tends to experience bursts in popularity. As of late, we have seen a lot of this trend on celebs like Katy Perry, Adele, Kim Kardashian, and many more. What’s great about this look is it’s completely customizable. If you don’t see yourself sporting a thick line with a big wing, you can totally tame it down and do a thinner line with no wing – which will still give that oh-so-thick lash look!

Liquid Liner For Your Eye Shape:

The hardest part about liquid liner for most is trying to determine how to apply it correctly for their eye shape. Following your natural eye contour is very important; you don’t want to fight creases on your lid. This will result in a wonky and wiggly liquid line.

A great general rule is to extend your lower lash line out and up. This will be the base of your winged edge. Drawing a line following your lower lash line will give you the best angle for your eye. The picture below is a step-by-step on how I apply my liquid liner. Every eye will be slightly different but this is the application technique that I find most effective.

liquid liner

Different Looks

Creating different looks with liquid liner is so much fun. Feel free to get creative, whether you want a “bedroom eye,” “cat eye,” “pin up,” or “contemporary”! Here are some tips on creating different looks…

The “bedroom eye” is a term used to describe Marilyn Monroe’s look and many other old Hollywood starlets. Marilyn used to extend her liquid liner more straight out, to elongate her eyes horizontally. This created the illusion that her lashes were weighing down her eyes so much she could barely open them! For this look you want to extend your line more straight out rather than up. Once you have extended your upper lash line out (as far or as short as you wish your wing to be) flick up slightly. Like this…

liquid liner

Here is another example…

 liquid liner

This look below is an example of cat eye but it’s also very contemporary. If you want to create a cat eye stop at step #4 – continue on for a more contemporary approach to liquid liner. This is just an example I created but feel free to get inventive with your lines and wings. Be sure to follow the natural contours of your eyes and don’t fight angles, that way, no matter what you come up with it will look unified.

 liquid liner

I’m not one for saying there are rules when it comes to makeup. The general rules of artistry apply, such as lines of symmetry, contours, color matching, and balance, but rules and regulations – no! It’s an outlet of expression and an artform. Let your creative juices flow and come up with some chic ideas.

For Christmas this year I loved wearing this look below. This is super easy and simple to recreate. I did my usual liquid liner and then took a gel liner brush (any brush will do really, just make sure it’s small and dense). I used the gel liner brush to apply a gold cream shadow just on the first half of my lid (over the liner). Then with the remaining product on the brush I blended out until the cream shadow faded off into nothing. You could try this with any color! I found that a cream shadow worked nicely on dry liquid liner. It glided on smoothly and didn’t disrupt my work. If you were to use a pencil liner it may drag and pull off some of the liquid liner (something to keep in mind when choosing to mix textures and finishes!).

liquid liner

There you have it, some techniques, tips, tricks, and chic twists on an everyday liquid liner approach. I hope this information was helpful and please feel free to leave me any comments or questions!

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