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Get Creative with Unusual Writing Prompts!

Writing is just one of those unavoidable tasks. Whether you’re good at it or completely dread it, you cannot escape the reality that writing is an element that is present in any field. And every single one of us experiences writer’s block at one point or another. To beat it, there are plenty of ways to get the creative side of your brain working.

Writing Prompts

Here are some bizarre writing prompts to get you started:

An old photograph is worth a thousand words…

Go grab your photo albums or your pictures from when you were a kid.  Just looking at your childhood and reminiscing about the various stages of your life can get your creative juices flowing.

Write a story about a thing…

Writing stories based on people is easy to do. Why not challenge yourself as a writer and instead write a story about an inanimate object. For example, write a story about the relationship between a pen and a piece of paper.

Write about the worst joke that you’ve heard…

People love laughing at funny jokes. When you hear a genuinely funny joke you’re more likely to share it with others, right? And when you hear a joke that really isn’t funny at all, you’re much less likely to share it. For this writing prompt, try writing about the worst joke you’ve ever heard. Point out all the flaws in the joke, and do all that you can to improve it.

Write a story using pure dialogue…

Create a short story that contains only verbal conversation. Writing dialogues is one of the trickiest parts of writing a creative story. Many writers struggle with composing dialogue, but it’s worth the effort as it can really help move your story along.

Create your own nursery rhyme…

Nursery rhymes are songs or poems taught to us when we’re kids, and are actually excellent teaching tools for youngsters. For writers, crafting a nursery rhyme can be a really great way to build up your vocabulary. Nursery rhymes may seem old-fashioned for young adults, but trust us, they are an excellent writing exercise for people of any age.

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