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Get Creative with Wedding Favors!

It can be tricky to decide on the perfect memento for guests of your special day. Depending on how many people are attending your wedding and reception, it can soon become expensive. An idea that seemed affordable in the beginning may end up stretching the budget to extremes once it is created in large numbers. Even if you manage to keep costs down, creating your own wedding favors can be very time consuming.

That being said it can be very rewarding seeing guests’ reactions to something you have spent time creating.


Here are some ideas if you’re a little stuck:

– Homemade masks or photo booth props: Venetian-style eye masks or mustaches on sticks make for interesting wedding photos for you and your guests

– If you’re having an outdoor wedding, seasonal favors can work well as part of the theme: For example, pashminas in your color scheme to keep away the chill, or sunglasses to keep the sunshine out of people’s eyes. Umbrellas or parasols can also be a useful gift and helpful if the weather takes a turn for the worse

– If you and your spouse are particularly passionate about music, a customized CD with tracks from your wedding can be special. You could also use USB sticks for a more techy touch and include some photos from the engagement and a small thank you note

– Pint, wine or shot glasses are all useful mementos that can be personalized for your day with etchings. It also minimizes clean up after the reception is over

– Coasters with a photo of you as a couple on the front, and a chalkboard on the back can act as a place setting and favor in one. They are also relatively inexpensive if you make them yourself

– Temporary tattoos can provide entertainment for guests, as well as adding a touch of originality and fun. This would be ideal if you or your spouse are into tattoo culture. Matching sets to symbolize the wedding such as infinity symbols or wedding rings can also be cute!

– Edible gifts are always popular and are often consumed before the wedding is even over! You are also less likely to have them left over if guests forget them on leaving. Homemade treats can add a more personal touch, especially if a family recipe is used. You could also include this as part of the favor so your guests can recreate it at home

Wedding Favors

– Homemade chocolates can be fairly easy to master with a little practice. Molds such as the couple’s initials can be used for repeat batches and small bags or boxes can be quite cheap if ordered in bulk. Truffles wrapped in color coordinating paper are a classic choice

– Small bags of sweets such as M&Ms or Skittles matching your color theme can also be nice wedding favors. You can even have a picture of the bride and groom’s faces printed on some sweets!

– Personalized sticks of rock can give a funfair or seaside element to your wedding, with a personalized message in the center

– Old fashioned sweets such as licorice comfits and rhubarb and custard often go down well with guests and you can have the happy couple’s favorites to share

– Personalized fortune cookies have become popular in recent years and can be relatively low cost if ordered in a large quantity

– Cake or cookie mixes in jars can also make lovely presents for your guests as they get to keep a nice jar and make something yummy! This can be very sentimental if you include a family recipe or something you and your spouse make together

If you want to cut down on costs and reduce waste at the end of the night, having a small dessert buffet such as flavored popcorn or a selection of cookies can allow your guests a little more choice in what they would like. Large jars of homemade cookies and small boxes or containers to take away can be personalized with the names and dates from your wedding.

Sian is a keen freelance writer who has a passion for all things wedding related. Her favorite north east wedding band is Funk Conspiracy, who she has worked with on numerous occasions to make the happy couple’s day extra special.