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Get the Look: Neutral Contoured Eyes

A neutral contoured eye is a great everyday look, but this eye can also be used as a base for any other look! Doing this will help the shadow appear super blended and buffed out. Apply your smokey eye over top or even a bright shadow look. Using this neutral matte base not only helps with blending but also creates a nice color corrected base for you to work on. This look also works well as a base when creating a bold liquid liner and false lash look. You only need two shadows and two brushes to create the base. Here’s how:

Take these steps to create a neutral contoured eye

1. Start with a clean, fresh lid.

2. Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer all over the lid from lash line to brow.

3. Apply a matte cream color shadow (or a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone) all over the lid, softening into the crease.

4. Apply a soft brown into the crease (darker skins may need a dark brown for the same effect).

5. Apply the same cream colored shadow as a brow highlight.

6. Ta-dah! Your neutral base lid can work as a blended out canvas for all other looks or can be worn alone!


brittany hallWritten by Brittany Hall
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