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Graduate Feature – Michelle Panton

Michelle Panton, wedding plannerMeet QC Event School graduate Michelle Panton. Michelle was able to turn a passion into a career in 2010 after completing QC’s Wedding Planning course. She is now the owner of Belle Weddings and Events, a thriving Australian wedding planning and styling business. She now lives her passion each and every day by creating personalized, unique, and memorable experiences for her clients. Read on for Michelle’s story, and to take a look at some beautiful photos of her work.

Company Name: Belle Weddings and Events
Description: Wedding planning and wedding styling specialists
Region: Melbourne, Australia


What motivated you to start your career as a professional event and wedding planner?

I have always loved hosting and creating special events. I am passionate about design and decoration, food and ambiance, organizing and creating memorable occasions. I was looking for a career that brought all of my passions together. After completing the QC Wedding Planning course I realized that wedding planning and styling was exactly right for me! I was so motivated and confident once I graduated that I could not wait to start my career in wedding planning.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

Definitely the friendships and close bonds that have developed from working with our couples. There is nothing more special than a couple contacting me after their wedding day expressing their gratitude for creating the wedding day of their dreams! This is so rewarding and makes all of the organizing and planning worthwhile.

I’m also happy to have the opportunity to work with amazing and talented people in our industry and the chance to work in completely different and unique wedding locations and venues. From a converted country convent to a glamorous city venue, beach locations, and historic homes and gardens – every day is different.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

The course has been invaluable to my career in the wedding and event planning industry. It gave me the confidence to start my business and also gave me the support of the tutors when needed. It also gave me knowledge and understanding of so many aspects of what it takes to organize a successful and flawless event, such as a wedding.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?

The QC course is so helpful in gaining knowledge on all aspects of wedding and event planning and preparing you for all issues that can and will arise! Do your research and meet with other wedding professionals in your area. Have confidence in your own abilities; if you love what you do it will show in your work.

Be patient and understanding with your couples, and always listen carefully to their wedding day ideas. Remember that it is an honor to be involved and work with couples who are embarking on such a special day in their lives!

A look at Michelle’s work…


Michelle Panton of Belle Weddings and Events

Wedding styling by Michelle Panton

Wedding styling by Michelle Panton

Belle Weddings and Events

An outdoor wedding by Belle Weddings

A classicly decorated ceremony by Belle Weddings and Events

Michelle Panton mixes trends and traditions in her designs

Unique wedding favors by Michelle Panton

A bright, tented reception by Belle Weddings

Photography by Wheelhouse Studios, where watermarked