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Home Staging vs Interior Decorating

Home Staging and Interior Decorating are two fields that are very similar but have many differences as well. It is important to understand these differences before jumping into either one. If you are interested in a career in one of the two, having a good understanding of not only what the job entails, but what is included in the industry, what will be expected of you, and what type of skill and knowledge you will need to have, will help you decide which field is right for you! Both Home Stagers and Interior Decorators need to understand the principles of design from color theory to floorplans, but it is how they use this knowledge that creates the difference.

Home Staging vs Interior Decorating

Home Staging

Home Staging is ever increasing in demand. With the housing market becoming more difficult, many people turn to home stagers to help them prepare their home for sale. Home stagers are incredibly important to the real estate process. Home stagers need to understand how to properly declutter a room, removing unwanted items and creating a superbly organized and simple space. Stagers need to work closely with clients to depersonalize their homes, removing personal items and favorable mementos. It is the home stager’s job to stage the home so that it is appealing to many different people and allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. Home stagers learn how to not only create an appealing space inside the home, but they are responsible for the outside of the home as well. Curb appeal is incredibly important for first impressions and this is something a home stager needs to be aware of.

Home stager creating color schemes

As a home stager, you will need to have an eye for design. Home Stagers understand color theory, focal points and different room styles. They will need to know how to work with the items within the home and how to restyle creatively to obtain a different feel within the room. Home Stagers also need to understand floorplans and how to work with different structures and lay outs. Lighting, window treatments, and furniture selection are all key components a home stager must understand when hoping to become successful in the industry.

What is incredibly important to differentiate a home stager from any other design career is the understanding of real estate principles. Home stagers need to know a considerate amount about the real estate market. Is it a strong market? What are housing prices like? What are people looking for these days? Being able to perceive and predict what’s happening in the real estate world will help any home stager get ahead while staging a client’s home for sale. Home stagers often work very closely with real estate agents and in different agencies.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorating kitchen design

Interior decorating is the art of going into a client’s home, working with their items and budget, and creating a new style to please everyone’s needs. Interior decorators are responsible for furnishing and accessorizing a client’s home based on their preferred taste and style. Interior decorators work with the already existing elements throughout a home and use their experience and knowledge to make the idea come to life. They need to be up-to-date with current trends and styles while always listening to the client and having their preferred ideas in mind. Understanding organizational principles is especially important when working as an interior decorator.

As an interior decorator, you will need to understand advanced color theory and the classic elements of design. Interior decorators need to know how to work with many different materials and textiles. They need to have an understanding of window and wall treatments, lighting, papering and more. Interior decorators use floorplans quite heavily and will need to have a deep understanding of space planning, balance, visual weight, and how to use scale.

Interior decorators work very closely with their clients. They follow the budget the clients set out for them and are responsible to work with the client to decide on the best style and idea for the room. Interior decorators need to understand the principles of customer service. They need to be able to present their ideas in a professional manner and learn to adapt to whatever the client throws their way. Interior decorators have the amazing opportunity of helping individuals design their homes however they imagined. Using their keen eye for design as well as their skills and training, interior decorators can transform a simple home into a masterpiece!

Home Staging and Interior Decorating Principals

While Home Staging and Interior Decorating share many of the same principles, they are certainly quite different when laid out side by side. Home Stagers use their skills to redesign a home for sale. They declutter and depersonalize in the hopes to make the house seem appealing to all potential homebuyers. Interior Decorating on the other hand, hopes to achieve the opposite. Interior Decorators want to follow the client’s ideas to make their home unique and special to them. In both cases, people hoping to work in either industry need to have an eye for design and a love of working with people.

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