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How to Become a Certified Professional Organizer

Are you wondering how to become a certified professional organizer? The truth is you don’t need any special certification to work in this lucrative field – professional organizing is not a licensed industry. What you do need, however, are the practical skills to approach your work with confidence and the business training to market those skills, get clients, and become a success. A course in professional organizing from QC Design School can help.

With QC, you’ll be learning entirely through distance education. That means no classroom to attend. It also means you’re learning on your time, with no harsh time constraints to hold you back. You’ll learn everything you need to know to work as a professional organizer, such as:

1. The key principles of organization and how to use them in each room
2. How to create floorplans and scale drawings to work with any space
3. The art of de-cluttering
4. Identifying the huge variety of storage options available to you, depending on the requirements of the space

On top of these lessons, you’ll also receive full business training with your course. You’ll learn how to determine the needs of your individual client, how to achieve strong client relationships, how to work with contracts and invoices, and how to market and promote your business. There will be nothing stopping you from starting your own business, and growing into a success.

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