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How to become a fashion stylist

become a fashion stylist with qc style academy

The life of a fashion stylist involves a lot of organization, a lot of running around, and a lot of taking your good taste and using it to help other people. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a fashion stylist, we’ve got the answer for you – QC Style Academy‘s brand new Fashion Styling online course.

What is QC Style Academy?

QC Style Academy is so excited to announce the launch of its first course in Fashion Styling. Within the course, you’ll learn exactly how to become a personal stylist – and how to become a successful stylist at that. From working with textures, colors, and fabrics to working with brides, bridal parties, and maternity clients – this course has it all. Plus, you’ll enjoy hours of videos featuring NYC editorial and personal stylist Alison Stewart (founder of

This is QC Career School’s first ever course that’s completed totally online, so you’ll be able to study from virtually anywhere in the world and on any device. Whether you’d like to read through your e-books on the computer, your tablet, Kindle, or phone – the choice is yours. If you’d like to pop in your complimentary DVDs or stream the videos online – it’s up to you. Not to worry though, you’ll still receive plenty of hands-on experience when it comes time to complete the 34 assignments within the course.

Tell me about the assignments…

For the assignments, you’ll be asked to complete short quizzes, submit photos and collages, create your own marketing materials and more. All assignments will be submitted online to your Style Mentor, a working fashion stylist. You’ll receive thorough audio recorded feedback as well as the chance to speak with your tutor during his/her virtual office hours once a month. Oh, and you’ll always have unlimited access to your Online Student Center and student forum.

how to become a fashion stylist

Who is your course designed for?

Our Fashion Styling course is designed for anyone and everyone looking to become a fashion stylist. With a focus on achieving balance and working with body types of both men and women, this course will have you prepared to begin a successful personal styling career in any location. We’ve taken the time to ensure all our teachings are applicable to any environment, whether you live in a fashion hub such as NYC or LA or a more remote community. We’ll provide you with concrete examples of ways you can build your portfolio on a budget, no matter where you live or how much experience you already have.

The course contains an unparalleled amount of career training, too. You’ll learn how to properly harness the power of social media to expand your research and build your client list, how to accurately complete paperwork like invoices, quotes, and receipts, how to register your business and file taxes, and more. We’ll also provide you with business forms, printable guides, and all the templates you’ll need to get started. You’ll continue to have unlimited access to these materials even after you graduate!

How to become a fashion stylist – now!

It’s easy. Click here to enroll with QC Style Academy today, or call 1-800-267-1829. We’re an international online school, so we accept students from all over the globe. We can’t wait to welcome you, too!


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