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How to Look Taller and Leaner

Fashion is a mix of style, illusion, and effect. It can take some time to master, but today we’ve got a quick and easy tip to share with you. If you’ve ever wondered how to look taller and leaner, this article’s for you. You’ll be looking taller, leaner, and oh-so polished in less than a minute. Read on!

How to Look Taller & Leaner


Creating the illusion of greater height and a streamlined silhouette all starts with the right pair of pants. In this case, we love a dark washed mid-rise denim jean with a flight flare. We’ve chosen to pair the jean with medium height heels in black. It’s important to note we chose heels with a slightly pointed toe. This helps to add height to the silhouette! If you’ve got another pair of shoes you’d rather wear, just be sure they’re in a dark color so there isn’t an obvious stop-and-start where the shoes end and the jeans begin.

To keep the clean, vertical lines going we chose this peachy-cream lace sleeveless top. Note the vertical line where it buttons up in the front – this helps draw the eye up and down and further adds to the height you’ve created with the shoe/jean combo.

Lastly, grab a long necklace. Something that’s long and delicate with once again keep the vertical silhouette going. If you’d like to add even more height, opt for a high bun in your hair!

There you go – taller and leaner in less than a minute… no working out or magic required. Enjoy!

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