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How-To: Tightlining Eyeliner

You know how once in a while you come across a new makeup technique or product that just completely transforms your life? Well, that’s what tightlining eyeliner has done for us. We know that achieving that perfect eyeliner line can sometimes be frustrating, which is why we’re so excited about the tightlining method! It’s just such an easy and quick way to achieve lash definition and fullness.

Tightlining is when eyeliner is applied directly to the lash line, usually from the underside of the lash line. This technique is great for adding definition and depth to any eye, but is also great for those of you who prefer a natural, wide-eyed look. If you have shorter lashes you’ll appreciate this method too, as applying a dark liner right at the base of the lash line will give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. The best part about it? It takes a minimal amount of time and effort. It’s also quite easy to cover up mistakes.

This technique is pretty simple. Gently lift your top eyelid so you can clearly see your upper water line. Gently pressing just above your crease and pulling upwards will do the trick. Now, get right up to the mirror and start applying eyeliner to the underside of your lash line. We’ve experimented with this a bit, and find that dotting a liquid eyeliner in between individual lashes works best.

Depending on your eye shape you may only want to focus on certain areas of the lash line. If your eyes are close set, start from the middle of your upper lash line and work your way to the outer edge. Going all the way to the inner corner will simply make them appear even closer together. If you have large eyes you can probably pull off tightlining all the way around the eye for a very defined and wide-eyed look. No matter what your eye shape, experiment until you find what works for you, and don’t forget to apply mascara to polish off the look!

Have you tried tightlining eyeliner? Let us know what you think of this technique in a comment below!