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How to use Facebook for Business Pt II

how to use facebook for business

If you haven’t already read our How to use Facebook for Business Pt I, click here to learn how to start using for Facebook now. If you have seen it, then continue to read this post – the second installment in our 3-part series on using Facebook for business. In this post, you’ll learn what information to include on your company’s page, the proper image dimensions for cover photos, profile pictures and custom tab images, as well as how to begin engaging your fans. Enjoy!

What to Include on Your Company’s Page

• Location and service area(s)
• Services offered
• Rates
• Active contact information (email, phone number, other social media links)
• Experience
• Company history, mission statement
• Ensure to spell check everything
• Avoid rambling and remain clear, concise, and straight to the point
• Remember the page is about your business, not you!

Image Dimensions

Cover Photo

851 pixels X 315 pixels
•Bright and bold images are best
•Makeup image ideal, something that speaks to your business

Profile Picture
Min 180 pixels X 180 pixels
•Business logo ideal
•If you use a portrait of yourself, remain professional and include business logo in cover photo instead

Custom Tab Images

If you’d like to create custom buttons for your page’s tabs, you can. Create an image that’s 111 x 74 pixels and upload to your page by clicking the tab of your choice and then clicking Settings or Edit Settings. Click Change Tab Image. Then, upload your new, custom tab image. These can be changed as many times as you’d like, so feel free to experiment with fonts, images, and the overall look.

Important Tips to Remember

•Your fans can see your page’s changes as soon as they’re implemented
•Try out new photos later in the evening or at times your fans are less likely to see (could cause confusion or lead to unlikes)
•Your photos need to be appropriate and relevant
•Properly sized images will display clearest
•Bold, brightly colored images do best
•Facebook is always changing, so remember to check your page’s appearance regularly
•Change your cover photo occasionally, but not too frequently
•Maintain consistency in appearance across all social media accounts

Getting Started Posting

•Consistency is key
•Find your groove, take into account your fans’ responses
•Images are the most well-received type of post, followed by videos, links, and then text-only
•When including an image, video or link always include a quick sentence telling your fans why they should watch it
•Share only relevant content (don’t share a winter tire deal on your makeup fan page)
•Monitor your insights
•Be present when your fans are (evenings, weekends)
•Schedule posts to better manage your time

Stay tuned for the third and final installment in our series! Once again, be sure to leave any questions you have in a comment below so we can answer them in our next post!