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How to Use YouTube to Build Your Business

how to use youtube to build your business

YouTube is an incredibly powerful social media hub, currently boasting more than one billion unique visitors each month, over four billion hours of video watched each month, over seventy-two hours of video uploaded each minute – with 30% of this activity coming from within the USA and 70% outside of it. It’s the place to be for anyone and everyone, as you can find nearly anything your heart desires and share just the same. While video was previously more heavily reserved for large companies able to produce expensive commercials, YouTube has helped to break down the barrier and gives everyday people – and even small businesses – an incredibly powerful way to reach an audience. Below, I’ll be talking about how to use YouTube to build your business.

1. Be There, and Be There Regularly

This step is so simply, you’d wonder why more people aren’t doing it. Taking an account only takes a minute, and even less if you already have a Gmail account or use another Google service. Being present on the website and able to check out what your competition is doing, leave comments, and interact with others is an absolute must, and a very easy step one.

2. Subscribe to Relevant Channels

It’s easy to subscribe to channels on YouTube, and after you’ve subscribed you’ll get updated whenever a channel you follow uploads a new video. Try to subscribe to relevant information sources to whatever industry you’re in. For example, if you’re a Florida-based wedding planner, subscribe to copyright free music channels, local bands, floral arrangement how-to videos, wedding DIYs, and anything else you think may help you in your job. Not only will you have unlimited access to these information sources, but you’ll also be building a connection with the channel owner. Hello, networking!

3. Create Your Own Channel

While this may seem intimidating at first, it’s really easy. Think about it, kids are making YouTube channels and uploading pranks, songs, and vlogs – so you can definitely do it, too. Create a channel, upload a good looking profile picture and cover photo, and fill in your bio with any information someone would want to know. Where is your business? What do you do? How can you be contacted? Put all that information into your bio/about me section.

4. Start Uploading

Don’t think that just because you don’t have any subscribers that no one will see your videos, or that there isn’t a point to uploading. People subscribe because you do post videos, not the other way around. Start off with something like an introduction video and talk about who you are, what your business does, etc. Or, you could upload a picture slide show showing off some recent work you’ve done. It’s honestly as simple as that! As you get more comfortable and more advanced, maybe you could show off some video footage of a recent job, event, or a tutorial.

5. Use Tags and Description To Your Advantage

When you upload a video, you get to type in a description, choose a category, and tag it with keywords. Use these opportunities to really tell people what your video is about! Even if someone isn’t subscribed to your channel (yet!) they may stumble across your “how to do winged eyeliner” video when looking for a tutorial. If you don’t enter a video title that makes sense, don’t tag it, and leave the description blank – how they will know they should watch it?

6. Share!

If you have a website, put a YouTube logo on it. Share your YouTube channel URL and new videos through all your social networks, as well as in any email marketing your company does. It could be as simple as sending out a Tweet that says “New Video: Rustic Wedding in Vancouver [insert URL here]”, and only takes a second to do. If you tell people you’re on YouTube, they’ll know. If you don’t, they won’t. It’s as easy as that.

7. Interact with Other Channels

Leave comments, give videos you like a thumbs up, and even reach out to relevant channels in your area via a message. If you support them, they’ll often support you. While asking for “subscribe for a subscribe” isn’t the best idea, it is true that a lot of channel owners will subscribe to you after seeing you’ve subscribed to them.

8. Stick With It

If you don’t think it’s paying off right away, don’t give up. The more you upload and the more you network, the more people will see your channel and want to watch what you upload next. It can be a little discouraging at first, but it’s worth it to help build a buzz around your brand and be able to show prospective clients what you’re capable of doing.

9. Have Fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously! If you’re going to star in a video, try to smile and be your natural self. People love connecting with other people, so try to remember that when filming. If you find it awkward talking to a camera, tape a picture of someone who makes you smile right beside it to make you feel more comfortable and keep you smiling. If you mess up, don’t worry, you can always use a free program like Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie to edit the video prior to uploading.

10. Keep it Professional

If you’ve made a YouTube channel for your interior decorating business, don’t upload a ten minute rant about your recent break up. Of course that’s just an example, but I imagine you get the point. Keep it professional and try to upload relevant, interesting videos. While you want to have fun making videos, you want the person watching to also feel happy and enjoy them. Try not to be negative, ramble, rant, or draw attention away from the product or service you’re trying to sell. Anything you upload should relate to your business in some way or another, and if it doesn’t – don’t upload it.


Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, leave your link in a comment. I’d love to check it out!