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How to Wear White this Summer

 Many people find it incredibly difficult to pull of white, but it’s one of the simplest and most chic colors! This summer, it’s time to finally reach for your plain white top – or to pick up a couple of new ones – and wear white with confidence. Follow our four easy steps below and learn how to wear white this summer.

  1. Pair with something bright
    White can look all too basic, and even startling, against something too dark. It’s summer time, so grab your favorite bright pink shorts, printed skirt, or neon statement necklace. A crisp white top is the perfect backdrop for any colored ensemble, so take advantage! We love the above photo because the wearer has paired her lasercut white tank with candy colored jeans and a mint green and gold bracelet. Even though the colors she chose are bright, it’s well-balanced!
  2. Make sure it’s clean
    A dingy white shirt can break an outfit faster than it can make it. If your white shirt has become discolored and can’t be fixed by a little bit of bleach in the wash, it’s time to toss it and find something new. I recently had to go through my closet and say goodbye to a few of my white tops. It’s sad, but you really notice how yellowed they truly are when you pick up a brand new white article of clothing. It’ll make you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!
  3. Make it pop with a sunless tan
    If you’re like me, wearing white can be a little intimidating. That’s because I’m very pale – and sometimes feel a white shirt only brings more attention to that. Instead of baking beneath the sun, opt for a sunless glow. Something like the Light/Medium Bronzing Mousse by St Tropez will give you just enough color without overdoing it, and is so easy to use, too!
  4. Wear a flesh colored bra
    I don’t understand why, but a lot of women think they have to wear a white bra beneath a white shirt. This simply does not work, since you can still see it! What you should opt for, instead, is a bra in a color as closed to your skin color as you can find. This will keep a seamless appearance beneath your shirt and won’t draw attention to the fact it may be somewhat sheer. Or, you can always pick up a super thin camisole if you want a little more coverage.


What do you think, readers? Will you be rocking white with confidence this summer?