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Job Description of a Travel Consultant

Do you love travel? As a travel consultant, you can help your clients plan dream vacations by using your resources to make the best travel arrangements possible. You might even want to specialize in a type of travel, if you have a particular destination that’s close to your heart. In this post, we’ll review the job description of a travel consultant so you know what to expect as you enter the industry. If you’re interested in learning more, check out QC Travel School’s Travel and Tourism + GDS course.

Travel consultant - what's involved?

Skills Required

Travel consultation relies heavily on customer service. Because of this, you should be a people-person with strong communication skills. You should also be comfortable with sales. You’ll also need to be highly organized, as you’ll be managing every detail of your clients’ travel plans. The travel industry can move quickly, and you’ll need to be able to keep your cool in a fast-paced environment. Ultimately, you need to love travel and have a lot of personal experience with travel.

Daily Tasks

–          Advising clients on destinations
–          Booking flights, accommodations, car rentals, tours, and activities
–          Arranging travel insurance
–          Using a GDS booking system
–          Managing payments
–          Advising clients on particularities like customs regulations and exchange rates
–          Sending tickets and itineraries
–          Keeping customers happy

Education Requirements

There are no specific education requirements to become a travel consultant (other than a high school diploma). That being said, because clients are becoming smarter when it comes to travel– due to the ease of internet booking – many employers will prefer candidates who have vocational training from a school like QC Travel School. Many employers also require GDS (global distribution system) training.

A job as a travel consultant will require continuous education. The industry is always changing, and you’ll be expected to keep up with those changes. Many employers will sponsor their employees to take classes to keep them up-to-date.


A travel consultant’s salary depends on their experience, skill level, and place of employment. The majority of travel consultants work for reservation services (for an airline or cruise, for example), followed by travel agencies. About 15% are self-employed.

The average starting income of a travel consultant is roughly $20,000. With experience, salaries raise to an average of $45,000. Keep in mind that some travel consultants are paid on commission, which means that they earn a percentage of what they book. If you’re a savvy salesperson, the income potential can be even higher! There are also perks and incentives to the job, such as fam trips.

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