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Learn How to Apply Makeup Professionally!

Are you a makeup novice looking to learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry? Then look no further! QC Makeup Academy is here to help you learn how to apply makeup for any occasion.

How to Apply MakeupOur courses really teach you from the ground up. We provide in depth training on the makeup environment, how to use each and every makeup brush properly and effectively, and how to maintain a sanitary practice. For example, if you’re merely looking to further your makeup knowledge for personal use there’s no need to worry about double dipping into blush or lipstick pots. However, if your goal is to work to work as a professional in the makeup field, there are some very specific sanitation guidelines you must follow.

You’ll also learn everything you need to know about facial shapes and skin tones, correctors and concealers, and how to cover up any type of imperfection you might encounter. Through hours of instructional video you’ll be taught how to apply concealing makeup on clients with acne, aging skin, and tattoos. In addition, you’ll learn the ins and outs of bridal makeup, and how to apply makeup for film and television.

Throughout both our makeup courses there is a strong emphasis on teaching students how to apply makeup to a wide variety of clientele while always maintaining a professional tone. It may not be the first thing you think of, but applying the appropriate amount of brush pressure can sometimes be the one thing that makes a client come back to you a second, third, and fourth time.

Lastly, our panel of professional tutors and outstanding student support specialists really help to seal the deal for most of our students. Each time you submit work, your tutor will take the time to look at your assignments individually. They will provide you with letter grades and audio feedback, to let you know exactly what you did well, and what might need a little improvement. If you ever have questions along the way, our well-trained and friendly Student Support Specialists are always happy and available to help.

Whatever your goals, QC Makeup Academy can help you achieve them! Click here to find out more and request a free brochure!