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New Pinterest Layout 2013

We’re one of the first to admit our addiction to Pinterest (check out our boards here), and loved how clean and fluid the layout has been since it first launched. The ability to comment on pins without having to click them first was great, because it allowed users to scroll through pages of pins and like, pin, and repin away without having to lose their spot and go back. We also loved the look of a user’s account and how all the boards seemed to flow seamlessly side-by-side. The new Pinterest layout has changed some of the things we loved most, but we’re getting used to it – and here’s why you should too.

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1. Larger Images

The new Pinterest layout allows for larger images with less border, so you get more out of each and every image. We like this especially for horizontal images, because they were simply too small in past versions to really make out the subject. Yes, they’re still a little small for our liking, but it’s a step in the right direction.

2. Hover Effect Pin It Button

When you hover over an image, the “Pin It” and “Like” buttons pop up. They go away the second you leave the image. We love this because it lets us see more of what we’re there for in the first place – images! Plus, we like that the use of the hover pin is more consistent with the pin-it gadget a lot of people are using on their own web pages. Consistent branding makes us happy!

3. Larger Single Image View

When you click an image, you get a whole new layout. The image is larger, there’s a clear “Website” link that allows you to go directly to wherever the pin came from, you can preview other pins by the same pinner, scroll through a large preview of similar pins by the same pinner, and have four sharing options – Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Embed.

New Pinterest Layout 2013


As far as main page commenting goes, the option is gone. However, you can always click on an image and leave a comment at the bottom. For us, this is just fine because the majority of people don’t actually leave comments on Pinterest – the main actions are generally repin (obviously) and/or like. If you do want to leave a comment, you can, so we’ll get over the minor layout change where that’s concerned.

What do you think of the new Pinterest layout? Do you prefer the old layout or the new? Let us know in a comment below!