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Office Appropriate Style for the Summer

There’s nothing worse than leaving your air conditioned office on a hot summer evening and sweating through your work-appropriate slacks and cardigans. Summer skirts and dresses are a great option to stay cool on your commute, keep your style, and still look completely office appropriate. There are just a few rules to keep in mind, and we’re bringing them to you below. Keep in mind that these rules can be bent depending on your work environment – you know best what’s considered suitable for your workplace.


It's not hard to stay cool and office appropriate in the summer1. Watch your hemline

Shorts can be worn at work (in the right material – no ripped denim!), but try to keep the hemlines on all your summer work garments near or below the knee.

2. Get colorful

This is the one time of year that you can bust out colorful clothing and get away with it. If the structure of summer office wear is getting you down, nothing will brighten your day more than some bright colors, like the dress seen here, and bold patterns.

3. Drop the flip flops

Seriously. They might be great for the beach, but they are not appropriate for many other places – especially the office. The same goes for any other worn-out sandals that take you just about anywhere during your summer weekends. You’ll find you can get a lot of use out of a couple of good pairs of summer heels or breathable flats. They’re well worth the investment.

4. Keep it covered

 Summer tops and dresses tend to be a bit more sheer, and a bit more loose, than their fall and winter counterparts. With that comes the risk of having exposed bra straps – a major faux pas in the workplace. It doesn’t mean you have to cover your shoulders completely, just look for more structured tops that keep everything in place.

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