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Our Favorite Childhood Books List

Our Favorite Childhood Books List

We all have them – a favorite childhood book or two. Whether it was Five Beds for Bitsy or Cinderella, chances are at least one of these book covers will bring back some memories from your childhood! We know they certainly do for us. This post is all about the QC staff’s favorite childhood books list. We’d love to know if yours is on our list, so be sure to leave a comment at the end and let us know which book you most remember – or couldn’t get enough of – as a kid. Happy reminiscing!

Five Beds for Bitsy tells the tale of a puppy growing up and needing multiple beds as she grows larger. Although we don’t think buying a child a puppy for her birthday is necessarily a good idea (they’re a LOT of work!) we’ll never forget this heart-warming tale.

Who doesn’t remember Cinderella?! We loved this tale as kids and love it just as much now. Who wouldn’t want a prince to go to any length imaginable to find you, the girl who lost a beautiful glass slipper?

The Giving Tree is still often a topic of hot debate, as it can be read positively or negatively. Whatever you choose to take away from this book, we do know that we love Shel SilverStein!

Charlotte’s Web still makes us cry! With that being said, we do love the tale. How could you not love the adorable little piglet?

We kind of feel that this book has become the story of our lives, and we really feel for Jesse Bear not being sure what to wear!

We remember reading Shiloh back in grade school and falling in absolute love with it. It’s the first of a trilogy about the boy and his dog. We’d take good care of Shiloh, we promise!

Anything by Dr. Seuss could easily be here as well, but nothing stands out to us as much as Green Eggs and Ham. Does anyone else remember making food colored eggs at school? We don’t know if we could quite stomach them now…

Don’t see yours? Leave the title in a comment so we can have a look! We hope you enjoyed this post.