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QC Design School Graduate portfolio

Is interior decorating and home staging your passion? Follow your dreams and start doing something you love like QC Design School graduate Chantal Magny did! Find out more about Chantal’s journey so far and what the future holds.

Are you worried a client isn’t going to pay their invoice? Read QC’s Guide to Non-Payment and find out how you can get what you’re owed!

College dorm storage for students

Maximize the potential of a very small living space with these college dorm storage ideas!

Designing a pet-friendly space

Designing a pet-friendly space for your clients? Follow these tips for making your clients’ pets comfortable and safe, without compromising on design.

Taking Good Portfolio Pictures Feature Image

Having good design portfolio pictures of your work will help turn your inquirers into your clients. Check out these tips on how to take great pictures that will help your portfolio stand out!

Tips for organizing closets

Is your closet space in desperate need of a makeover? Make use of your space and keep it organized with these top organizational tips for closets!

Design client consultation in progress

Have you ever been to a design client consultation where your clients had no idea what they wanted? Check out our tips on how you can prepare for this situation!

Interior decorators can have a lot of fun designing bedrooms for children. It’s a chance to show off your creativity and create amazing, personalized spaces. But there are some things you should consider…

Are you a designer or interior decorator? You’ll want to check out these international tradeshows for design professionals where you can learn and network!

Decorating trends accessories

Just like in every creative field, design professionals need to stay on top of the latest trends in home decor. Check out this list of resources to find inspiration and follow current decorating trends.