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Pet Friendly Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Ah, pets. They’re such an important part of the family, but they can sometimes take over our lives…and our homes! In a pet home, all thought of decor can tend to go out the window. I know when I first got a cat, I had cardboard boxes in nearly every room (they were her favorite beds/chew toys!), and chewed-on toy mice strewn about the floor. It can take a while to figure out how to keep your home pet-friendly and stylish at the same time. That’s why I went on a hunt today for some fun and functional pet-friendly home decor.

Doggy End Table


I might have just let out a squee when I saw this end table turned puppy pad. What a great way to keep a doggy bed in the living room without having it become an eyesore, or take up too much space. Not to mention, this table is gorgeous and the plaid fabric lining the dog bed could be changed to match any color scheme. The big question, however, is will he use his new home? That, unfortunately, is outside of our control.

Custom-Made Pet Corner


Okay, so this idea obviously depends on you having the space to dedicate an entire corner to your pets. If you do, I love the concept of making a little pet nook that’s just for them. In fact, I want a nook like this for myself! Personally, I would ditch the carpet here – hardwood or tile would be much easier to clean up the occasional mess.

Built-in Food Dish



You know how sometimes, a dog or cat will push their dish farther and farther as they eat, until it ends up in the middle of the room, with a sloppy trail behind? This is a great solution. Give your kitty her own dining area that will stay put! Just make sure you don’t put it in a high-traffic area – those corners could be sharp on the legs.

Stylish Baby Gate



Yes, baby gates are a very practical way to keep your dog out of certain rooms. But there’s not exactly the most attractive feature in a room – and become really annoying when you have to step over them all the time! This wrought iron gate, however, adds to the decor and serves the practical purpose of keeping your pup where you want him. You can get garden gates like these in a variety of styles to suit any decor.

How do you incorporate your pets into your home decor? Let us know in a comment below!