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Pros and Cons of Summer Weddings

Pros and Cons of Summer Weddings

We’re all familiar with summer weddings. The invitations seem to come pouring in around late spring, and our summer weekends quickly fill up with ceremonies and receptions. But is a summer wedding really for you? Take a read through the pros and cons list below to find out.


The summer months are a little more predictable in terms of weather. As long as the forecast doesn’t call for rain, it’s a safe bet that guests will still be comfortable during outdoor festivities.

Traveling is also much easier in the summer months. Winter snow, bad road conditions and overbooked flights are replaced by sunny skies and easy to navigate travel routes. This makes it much easier for your guests to reach you!

Fall, winter and spring tend to be busy months for most people, with things calming down throughout the summer. The chances of all your friends and family being able to attend your wedding are much better in June, July and August.

It’s much easier to get creative with venues and décor in the warmer months. You’re no longer restricted to dull wedding halls and the restrictions that come along with them. Hosting a backyard, beach or park wedding allows you to use nature as a colorful and whimsical backdrop.

Floral arrangements are traditionally a big part of weddings – and their budgets – and the selection is always best in the summer. Instead of settling for tinted roses you can get creative with beautiful colors and shapes. Tiger lilies, succulents, peonies…the possibilities are endless!


Weddings are common during the summer months, and vendors tend to book up quickly. You may find yourself fighting tooth and nail for your preferred location. And, even if you do score your dream venue, you may pay a high price for it. Vendors typically raise their fees in June, July and August as the demand is much higher.

You may be competing for guests. If members of your family or close circle of friends are also getting married around the same time as you, your guests might be facing a double invitation on your wedding date. To avoid this, ensure you send your invitations out as soon as you are able. You might also consider hosting your wedding on a Friday evening or the Sunday of a long weekend.

If you’ve opted to have a summer wedding in order to host the event outdoors, you may need to make room in your budget for tents. Summer is beautiful, but it’s also hot hot hot. Keep in mind that your guests will be doing a lot of waiting around outside, and you’ll want to make sure you  provide them with a little relief from the unrelenting sun.

What is your favorite thing about summer weddings? Let us know in a comment below!