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QC’s Online Makeup Artist Courses

Looking for online makeup artist courses? QC Makeup Academy offers two courses in makeup artistry, and they’re completely available online. Online learning is a great option for so many people. Here’s why:

Online learning for a second career

Starting over in a new career can be scary. That’s why QC Makeup Academy minimizes the risk of changing careers by making education simple, convenient, and affordable. After all, we’re trying to get you working in your dream job as a makeup artist!

QC offers online makeup artist courses

Online learning for high school graduates

Online industry training with QC Makeup Academy lets new graduates enter the workforce and begin earning an income as quickly as possible, training professional makeup artists in a very short amount of time.

Online learning for remote students

Not everyone lives near a college or school that offers a program they’re interested in, and moving isn’t always a realistic option. Many QC students can study their passion – makeup – without sacrificing their locations.

Online learning to start your own business

Part of your online lessons as a makeup artist includes business training to help you achieve your goals of starting your own makeup artistry business. Lessons include marketing and promotion, working with clients, and choosing a business name.

Many people think it’s impossible to learn makeup from home, but our hands-on lessons are designed to get you practicing your technique. Many assignments require that you work on a live model and submit photos to your tutor for critique. Your tutor is a professional makeup artist, and will give you constructive criticism to help you improve your skills. For more information, visit