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The Seven Best Event Planning Apps

Planning any kind of event can be a frenzied and stressful activity, even when you are naturally organized. Last-minute changes and hold-ups and endless project checklists all require attention and flexibility, and keeping on top of things can be challenging. Thankfully, the latest Smartphone and tablet apps really help to make things easier. Here are a few of the best.

Stay organized with these 7 apps


This is one of the most popular platforms for ticket sales. It allows you to make the check-in process very quick, and removes the need for endless paper. You can integrate check-in with your mobile device and avoid having to carry guest lists around, too. Just scan bar-code tickets at the door for the correct list of attendees. It pleases guests too, as the time needed to process check-ins is vastly reduced.


Evernote is a great little app. If you have the ideas and the team to organize them, the app will help you delegate and manage the event. It works effectively as a mobile filing system. You can organize everything here from venue research and evaluation to travel itineraries and menus, and you can share notes and updates rapidly with your event team. If you sync it across the team’s devices, everyone will be able to see the latest information.


This app helps you to juggle complex elements of an event or conference. It allows attendees to see a mobile agenda and understand the capabilities of networking that will be available. It integrates with social media to share PR and buzz about the event itself. You can send out change announcements in real time and use the app to engage with your attendees before, during and after the event.


Ever fancied turning your Smartphone into an old-school walkie-talkie? This funky app allows you to do just that and stay in constant touch with your team during event set-up and management. It’s ideal when you need to speak to someone quickly and urgently and is far quicker than email or text.

Scanner Pro

Use this to digitize your papers and receipts, rather than trying to keep hold of everything in hard copy. There are various good scanner apps online which allow you to take a photo of the paper, convert it to a PDF and then send via email.


One of the best online storage systems available, Dropbox allows you to upload, organize and share all manner of documents digitally and from any logged-in device. Storage is available for free to start with, and you can earn or buy extra space. You can also edit files remotely and then share them.


Stay on top of your social media engagement with this handy app, which allows you to keep up to date with the buzz online for your event, schedule news posts, and generally know what’s being said in real time.


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