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Spring is Here! …Now What?

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes a wave of new trends! Just like the fashion industry, the world of interior décor shifts and changes with the seasons, giving home owners and design professionals great opportunities to update spaces according to what’s current. This spring, décor is heavily influenced by fashion. Colors, patterns, and textures that are hot on the runway right now are also making their way directly into people’s living rooms. If you’re considering a spring makeover for one of your rooms but you’re not actually sure what to do, take a look at how some of the following trends are being incorporated into not only clothing, but also decorative pieces this season.

Get colorful!

A change in color scheme can be a simple but effective way to switch things up. This spring, shades of blue are all the rage. You’ll see classic blues, of course, but even more prominent are soft blues like dusk blue, cobalt, and aquamarine. If blue isn’t for you, other colors on this spring’s soft, calming palette include ochre or mustard yellow and tangerine. Do you feel hesitant about these bold colors, even in their subtler shades? You can still incorporate them into your room without going all out and painting your walls tangerine. Try adding a splash of spring color using throw pillows, small lamps, canvas wall prints, or standing vases. If the rest of your room is fairly neutral, don’t be afraid to mix it up and introduce more than one new color. The beauty of ‘color palettes’ is that shades are often complimentary to one another, as long as you remember to add pieces in moderation.

Blue Color Palette Design Trend

Get graphic!

Black and White Graphic

Graphic prints are a huge feature in both fashion and décor this spring. Canvas wall hangings featuring bold graphic designs make great stand out pieces for rooms that lack luster. If clashing with your newly chosen spring color scheme is a concern for you, fear not. This year’s most popular graphic prints are black and white. You’ll be able to add a little texture to your walls without overwhelming the entire room or off-setting the colors of your new throw pillows in a visually unappealing way. Spring is a time to be bold, so graphic prints are a great option for making over your space, but you can choose more subtle designs as well. Try a white wall canvas featuring a simple pattern of solid black circles for a touch of texture without going overboard. Are you looking for more of a statement piece? Consider an arm chair made of material printed with black and white vines and flowers. This will draw the eye, but won’t clash horribly with the dusk blue pillows on your sofa across the room.

Get Geometric!

Loose Geometric

The term ‘geometric pattern’ might bring to mind blocks of color and harsh lines. This spring, however, the concept of the ‘geometric’ is getting a makeover, just like your room. The most popular pattern right now is actually the loose geometric, made of sweeping strokes and flowing lines instead of solid, straight shapes. Like the graphic print, loose geometric patterns can be incorporated into your room subtly or as a bold statement piece. They’re also a unique way to include your color scheme in another element of the room. Look for patterned rugs and throw mats with curving strokes and lines, or printed wall hangings that feature loosely drawn square patterns. If you’re feeling very bold, try simply painting your own loose geometric shapes on a bare wall in your favorite of this season’s ‘in’ colors.

Get Metallic!

Just like the fashion industry, the décor world is embracing metallic finishes for 2015. Add some edgy brightness to your room by including metallic silver frames and lamps in order to balance your new dusk blue rug. Go for a modern look with metallic end tables or standing lamps. Even chairs and pillows are available in metallic fabric right now, so you have plenty of options for how you choose to feature gold, silver, and chrome. Use a very small amount to brighten your room just a touch, or invest in metallic statement pieces to establish a classy modern atmosphere.

Metallic Design Trend

Get into the season!

Spring is a time for positive change and fresh new things. Switching up your home décor with a brand new trend or two is a great chance to embrace the season. Even small changes can leave your space feeling updated and refreshed. If you’d like to learn more about seasonal interior décor, check out the courses at QC Design School!

Are there any other trends you’re loving right now? Let us know in comment what ones you’re keeping in mind when you’re designing for spring!